3 Oil & Gas Training Courses Industry Professionals Should Attend

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Oil and gas industry is a worldwide powerhouse and considered to be the greatest area in the world in terms of dollar value. It has to leverage a great number of specialists across the world to scale up, keep itself up and running and produce billions of dollars worldwide every year.

Divided into three key areas – upstream, midstream and downstream, the upstream of the oil and gas industry alludes to the exploration and production that covers areas of searching out for submerged and underground flammable gas fields or unrefined petroleum fields and recouping oil and gas with penetrative exploration wells. Midstream is mostly referred to the downstream class. Downstream alludes to separating crude materials acquired during upstream phase and purifying natural gas.

Then comes promotion and contracting purchasers and end clients in multiple structures, which include diesel, oil, lubricants, gas, petrol gasoline, jet fuel, LPG, asphalt, heating oil, besides several other kinds of petrochemicals. This part is crucial to grow the business and that needs efficient people who are well-equipped with new professional skills and familiar with the latest best practices to benefit the oil and gas industry as a whole.

That said, professionals need to brush up on their knowledge and skills from time to time to stay on top of the best practices. In fact, companies invest, therefore, in corporate oil and gas training courses to make sure their employees continue to add value to their organizations.

Are you one of those professionals who want to undergo corporate oil and gas online training courses? Does your company want you to upskill yourself or do you feel upskilling is the need of the hour? Promise Training & Consultancy has a number of oil and gas refinery training programs to empower petroleum industry professionals through their oil and gas refinery training courses. All of their oil and gas training courses are designed to make sure your knowledge and skills stay on top of the market requirements and receive the practical knowledge shared by their skilled trainers. It is easy for the trainees to apply knowledge.

Check out 3 oil and gas online courses offered by Promise Training & Consultancy.

Oil & Gas Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Constant challenges in supply and demand tend to surround oil and gas companies that run in dynamic and complex situations. During the pandemic, they had difficulty in navigating the crises and had to re-strategize supply and demand processes to reduce the impact.

With this training course, professionals will pick up skills in building robust strategic procurement and supply management processes and implement them successfully. They will also get to know critical techniques in controlling cost and optimizing time and the movement of goods and materials.

Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO)

You can notice that the use of floating production storage and offloading is on the rise during the last few years. This is due to costing much less than traditional offshore oil platforms. Companies want their employees are familiar with the crucial elements and aspects of FPSOs such as storage, offloading, power, utility system and safety. This course will enlighten trainees’ knowledge and give a better understanding of the FPSO projects.

Managing Security Risks in the Oil & Gas Industry

This course is designed to train the trainees how to remain focused on managing people, plant, equipment and procedures within their organization and enable them to identify the gaps and weaknesses that may not always arise out of their organization. Participants will learn how to mitigate them and achieve a consistent level of best practices across multiple risks. They will also learn about asset identification and vulnerability assessment and how to gain executive support to implement multi-disciplined security projects.

The oil and gas online courses at Promise Training & Consultancy can immensely boost your knowledge and credibility as an industry professional. You will come out as a well-equipped professional with the right tools and skill-sets for your job and be able to perform better. Do you want to level up your skills?

Contact Promise Training & Consultancy for a free consultation about the oil and gas courses that’d be suitable for you.

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