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Promise is a leader in providing training programs for both private and public sector organisations. Our main objective is eliminating ignorance in leadership, careers and business operations. Our success in achieving that objective has opened doors for us in various nations around the world. Apart from other locations, we will be providing various training courses in Toronto, Canada.

The major courses to be offered will center on human resources and leadership. We will deploy the best corporate trainers in the world to teach in that program as always. The training seminars in Toronto-Canada is meant for nurturing the future leaders in industries. Our training workshops are open to every individual with an interest in gaining more knowledge to boost their success.

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Code Course Title Venue Starting Date Duration Fees
MG28 Leading and Managing Change for Organisational Transformation Toronto - Canada, 20231113 13 - Nov - 2023 5 - Day $6,750
MG73 Crisis Management Leadership New Toronto - Canada, 20231120 20 - Nov - 2023 5 - Day $6,750
HR22 The Proactive HR Leader New Toronto - Canada, 20231127 27 - Nov - 2023 5 - Day $6,750
FI07 Finance & Accounting: The 5-day Mini-MBA Toronto - Canada, 20231218 18 - Dec - 2023 5 - Day $6,750

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