Public Training Seminars in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

A business is only as good as its employees. This is true for any business regardless of the industry in which it operates. Your employees are your biggest asset and it is therefore important that you not only strive to hire the best, but that you also invest in them by providing them with continual training to help them learn new skills and build on the skills they already possess. Not only will this improve their productivity at work, but it will also build their morale and make them feel valued.

Promise Training & Consultancy has been providing a wide range of employee training courses for years now and they are known for the quality courses they provide. Invest in your employees by signing them up for Promise Training & Consultancy’s corporate public training course in Malaysia. These courses will equip them with the skills they need to effectively carry out their daily duties and help you achieve your business goals. Visit the Promise Training & Consultancy website to find out when they will be providing the corporate public training course in Malaysia and book in advance.

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Code Course Title Venue Starting Date Duration Fees
MG40 The 10-day International Management Programme Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, 20221010 10 - Oct - 2022 10 - Day $11,500
MG22 Mastering Strategic Management & Team Leadership Skills Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, 20221010 10 - Oct - 2022 5 - Day $5,750
MG14 Coaching and Mentoring Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, 20221017 17 - Oct - 2022 5 - Day $5,750
PM01 Fundamentals of Project Management Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, 20221114 14 - Nov - 2022 5 - Day $5,750
OG11 Integrated Reservoir Modelling Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, 20221114 14 - Nov - 2022 5 - Day $5,750
FI23 Treasury Management Best Practices New Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, 20221121 21 - Nov - 2022 5 - Day $5,750
CM11 Contracts: Drafting, Reading & Understanding Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, 20221212 12 - Dec - 2022 5 - Day $5,750

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