Why Choose Promise

We believe there are a number of reasons why you should choose Promise

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Global Presence

We operate worldwide with a local presence as required. We run public courses in 21 exciting venues worldwide.

Why Choose Promise

Best Talent

Our highly skilled and experienced experts (trainers, coaches and consultants) have considerable practical experience gained with blue chips industries, consultancies and universities.


Return on Investment

Our training delivers immediate performance improvement and operational effectiveness and our low overheads translate into cost advantage for clients.

Training and Seminar

In-House Customization

We specialize in delivering customized learning that aligns with your strategies, systems and processes to help your employees deliver the results you need.

Training Provider


We partner with you to find the best ways to deliver your needs and apply workplace change or learning.


Guiding Principle

We believe that given the right conditions and attitude all employees are capable significant self-realization and growth.

We help our clients to maximize the potential of their existing assets and take their business and employees to new levels of performance.