In-House Courses

In-house training is important because it provides a convenient and cost-effective training solution for businesses. This type of training can play a crucial role in expediting the realization of business goals by ensuring employees speedily grasp and exploit cutting-edge industry processes, competencies, and trends. Our onsite training programs are reinforced by unremitting improvement strategies. Participants will learn different ways of closing the gaps existing between concepts and actual action. We ensure that industry professionals grasp utilize organizational attitudes, systems, and process to create an environment that motivates employees and fosters continuous change and improvement.

Personalized sessions

Promise Training and Consultancy is one of the best in-house training companies in UAE. We work closely with our customers to assist them in choosing the right training solution. we will work with you to provide the perfect bespoke in-company training service for your employees. Additionally, we will ensure that the training goals of your company are met. We also select seasoned and skilled trainers to suit the unique work ethic and requirements of every firm.

Upholds your values

We can incorporate your company’s key work principles into the training sessions. This will ensure that your organization’s mission statement and vision are highlighted and explored appropriately. Additionally, this will ensure that all training sessions are geared towards bettering your employees and your business.

Safe Environment

In-house training programs offer the ideal safe environment for the confidential probe and discussion of sensitive company-specific matters. Additionally, it allows attendees to put their newly acquired skills into practice.

Result Oriented

At Promise Training and Consultancy, we will analyze desired training outcomes and headline subjects to make sure that the training offered is a true reflection of the needs of your business. Being the best in house training course company, we will work to research and perfectly understand the sectors, practice areas, and culture of your business so that we can deliver results that properly align with the company’s working environment.

Training options

Our training can comprise 8 options:

  • Bespoke technical or behavioral training courses designed and delivered by our experts tailored to your exact requirements.
  • Tailored technical or behavioral training – one of our courses already meets most of your needs but requires specific tailoring to ensure a perfect fit.
    NB! All our public courses can be delivered In-House and customized to your exact needs.
  • Train-the Trainer sessions, delivered by our experts, to ensure your organization internalizes its values and competencies.
  • 1-to-1 coaching of your employees designed to meet individual objectives.
  • Process change and/or policy/procedure development aligned with your objectives.
  • Learning aids – memory cards, brochures and training materials aligned to your brand, values, competencies and organizational culture.
  • Online eBooks and materials.
  • Any combination of the above options is available and aligned to your needs.