Corporate Training Programs in Sydney, Australia

Promise offers workshops and corporate training in Sydney, Australia, and globally. The aim is to empower the business leaders and teams to break through and achieve the potential.

We provide onsite and online training workshops and seminars for teams and groups of employees who share a common learning goal. We can meet our clients’ unique needs by incorporating custom training contents through our consultative approach.

Our training programs are designed to deliver all your employees what it takes to unlock their motivations and get the most out of their work. It includes change management, management communication, leadership development, technical skills and many more. All of our corporate training programs are designed to enable companies to maximize employee engagement, workplace satisfaction and overall success. We help you learn the right skills that will enable you to take your career to the next level. The results that we have found far outweigh the investment for your training.

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Code Course Title Venue Starting Date Duration Fees
HS19 Hazardous Waste Management and Pollution Prevention New Sydney - Australia, 20240603 03 - Jun - 2024 5 - Day $5,950
MM03 Strategic Procurement Management Masterclass Sydney - Australia, 20240805 05 - Aug - 2024 5 - Day $5,950
MG66 Assertiveness and Self Confidence Masterclass Sydney - Australia, 20240819 19 - Aug - 2024 5 - Day $5,950
HR11 Managing HR Processes, Culture & Change Sydney - Australia, 20241014 14 - Oct - 2024 5 - Day $5,950
FI26 Oil and Gas Financial Accounting & Reporting Sydney - Australia, 20241216 16 - Dec - 2024 5 - Day $5,950
MG27 Leading & Managing High Performing Teams: Supervisor Development Program Sydney - Australia, 20241216 16 - Dec - 2024 5 - Day $5,950

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