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The ever-changing technical advancement makes the industry very competitive & challenging to cope with changes. It is very important for technical staffs to improve their expertise and stay up-to-date on industry best practices. Technical training courses make your employees enhance their technical know-how so that they can perform better and reduce business risk.

Promise Technical Training solutions provides technical training courses for multidisciplinary professionals. Competency domains including Mechanical, Electrical, Maintenance & Process Engineering. These courses are tailored to cater Oil & Gas, Utilities, Petrochemical, Power and other Industrial Production sectors. Our courses are delivered highly experienced industry experts in an extremely interactive manner. We help you to train tomorrow’s technical experts for future challenges.

We offer these courses at our global training venues. Contact us for on-site course delivery.

Maintenance Engineering

Production and manufacturing companies rely on numerous machines...


Electrical Engineering

Promise Training is one of the leading providers of eletrical training courses.


Mechanical, Instrumentation & Process Control

High-value physical asset management is critical for every organisation to keep..


Oil, Gas & Process Engineering

Employers are interested in hiring highly skilled professional in Oil & Gas industry.


Health & Safety

One of the main responsibility as an employer to provide your employees with a safe work environment