Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

There is strong evidence to suggest that talented individuals have a much greater degree of success when an effective coach or mentor supports them. Promise Training and Consultancy has a range of experienced mentors and coaches, with expertise in specific areas, who can support those within your organization to fulfill their performance requirements and their longer-term potential.  With our up-to-date and innovative coaching and mentoring services, participants can be rest assured of improvements in the leadership and management competencies. This will ensure that they achieve superior leadership, better team collaboration and enhanced business results. Our coaching and mentoring programs will help in addressing strategic levers by providing important leadership knowledge, developing your graduates and in-house potentials, and boosting the diversity of your talent pool and sharing knowledge and experiences across the business.


Winning in the marketplace requires a competitive edge, sharply honed and clearly focused. Promise Training and Consultancy coach executives to deliver business results and break through to new levels of personal leadership. We also facilitate certified Coaching Master Classes for coaches and coachees in which they learn how to get the most from their coaching relationship.

With our philosophy of experiential, action, learning our 1:1 coaching (often using detailed 360° feedback with input from peers, supervisors and/or direct reports) affords executives the opportunity to experiment with innovative approaches in the ever-changing business environment. We offer top quality, qualified, coaches who are exceptional in their field. Our robust coaching process involves tried and tested techniques that gives your executives ownership of their own direction and also the latest thinking in this field.

Our clients seek coaching to support them in a number of ways including:

  • Transitioning into a more senior role
  • Managing your career
  • Leadership and cultural challenges as a result of wider global responsibilities
  • Career Development for graduates
  • Dealing with change and challenge
  • Influencing and improving work relationships
  • Improving functional excellence
  • Strategic thinking and action planning


We facilitate Mentor Master Classes for both mentors and mentees in which they learn how to get the most from their mentoring relationship. We train hundreds of mentors and mentees a year and are the preferred supplier for providing Mentoring Programmes for many of our clients. In addition to providing training for participants of Mentor programmes we also offer support with the matching process of Mentors and Mentees; a critical part of ensuring the success of the relationship. Mentoring is a relatively cost-effective way of addressing a number of strategic levers:

  • Feeding your leadership pipeline
  • Developing your in-house high potentials and graduates
  • Sharing experience and knowledge across the business
  • Improving the diversity of your talent pool

Why Coaching?

Today’s and tomorrow’s key core competence is not core technical competence but rather core cultural competence that encourages employees in organizations to be flexible, encourages them to want to change, encourages them to want to learn and encourages them to want to adapt to the needs of internal/external customers.
To achieve this, an essential resource in business today is not capital, but knowledge. We all know the familiar nostrums – empowerment, networking and lifetime learning while many organisations still recruit first class people only to constrain them with a highly authoritarian structure. This won’t work in future.
Organizations must unleash the potential of employees. One of the ways is to unleash this potential is through effective coaching and mentoring. Leaders and managers must become connoisseurs of developing talent. No manager can do everything alone. It’s the people they choose that ultimately create long-term success and coaching is a means to ensure organisational survival.

The Goal of Coaching
The objective of coaching is to help individuals to improve their leadership or management competencies and capabilities. This enhances their ability to produce better business results, better leadership and better team collaboration.

The 1:1 Coaching Process
We begin each coaching assignment by meeting with the coachee’s manager and/or HR to get alignment on objectives. We then meet with the coachee to learn what they want from the process.

Often using 360° interviews of business partners, peers and direct reports we then outline a plan to address areas for development. For the next five-six months or so, your coach meets with you every other week. The best coaching work gets done face-to-face, but we do supplement in-person meetings with phone or Skype conversations, as required.

Each coaching assignment concludes with a second interview of those in the original 360° interview. This is to assess progress in meeting development plan goals. Throughout the assignment, we provide progress feedback regularly to the coachee, their manager and HR if this has been agreed.

High Potential Coaching – Facilitated Peer Advisory Boards
In addition to direct, 1:1 coaching, we facilitate and coach high-potential peer groups in a format resembling an internal advisory board. Peer advisory board members meet on a regular basis to focus on live business issues and develop internal collaboration and negotiation skills. We reinforce and supplement group sessions with one-on-one member coaching. Peer benefits include:

  • Increased political savvy
  • Improved collaboration
  • Increased ability to ask the right questions and develop potential solutions
  • Better situational reads, more flexibility in finding solutions
  • Increased ability to read complex organisational situations and overcome obstacles
  • Increased leadership capability with direct reports, peers and senior managers
  • Strategy creation and implementation
  • Mutual gain outcomes
  • Increased level of consultative/executive presence
  • New business development
  • Better capability and control of other business situations

Career Coaching
We help individuals clarify how they can personally manage their career. Just what are your strengths, skills and development opportunities? What are ways of behaving and interacting at work to secure promotion? How to plan for quality review meeting with your management? How to map stakeholder relationships and build your visibility and profile (internally and externally)? How to decide which roles to apply for and prepare for interviews?

New Position Transition Coaching
When employees are promoted or assigned a new role they are challenged to produce quick results. Promise Training and Consultancy can help ensure their successful transition with coaching over the first months. Transition coaching includes interviewing new key stakeholders, managers and direct reports regarding their expectations. Our development plan addresses those expectations and incorporates ‘new role best practices’.

Coaching for High Potential Individuals
Your high potential individuals will benefit from being offered a choice of three coaches of which they can select their preferred individual coach. The recommended coaches, in addition to coaching experience, will have deep expertise in a variety of management skills, which individuals will benefit from, evidenced by significant behavioural shifts, leading to improved feedback, as measured by an internal attitude/opinion survey, or appraisal system feedback.

Most clients consider the possibility of offering their high potential individuals and/or people promoted to new roles some transition coaching at specific points in their career. It is particularly effective as someone is at a career or life crossroads, or when someone commences a new role with fresh challenges.
Negotiation Coaching

Successful external/internal collaboration is fundamental to success. We enable influential collaboration by coaching clients to focus on mutual gain and establish strategic and tactical thinking before entering negotiations.

Strategic Thinking Facilitation
To realize your maximum potential for success, you must have a clear vision of the future of your business. Our approach is simple and direct. Using a facilitated process, we help you examine your present strategy and develop a new strategic direction for your organisation.

Team Coaching
Successful teams can benefit from having a coach to provide a neutral outside perspective. We coach teams in real time to help them meet any on-going challenges that may prevent them from achieving their objectives.

Outplacement Service
We provide an outplacement service to our clients that is totally bespoke and tailored to individual needs.
Our service includes:

  • An objective appraisal of career options which could include career advancement, career change, interim, contracting or self-employment.
  • Unlimited face to face support with a dedicated consultant to drive your campaign forward.
  • Access to the advertised and unadvertised job market through proactive marketing of you to the recruitment community and corporates.
  • A comprehensive support package encompassing all the resources required to secure a successful outcome.

Once individuals have a sense of the job they will look for, Promise Training and Consultancy provides job search skills necessary to secure a position. Coaching and training is provided in:

  • CV writing
  • Posting a CV on the internet and optimising social media (LinkedIn etc.)
  • Searching for jobs/writing job applications
  • Using personal networks to access the hidden job market
  • Interview skills