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Business and career persons have an opportunity to obtain remarkable skills and extensive knowledge from Promise Training. The company provides great content which will help in building great careers and ventures. The training courses hosted in Miami have been reviewed with the help of exceptional experts in the various directions to provide practical content to the trainees.

Our trainers will be imparting their great expertise and experience to all our trainees in Miami. They have vast knowledge about various markets and professions in the world. They will share that same experience and counsel with all our trainees. To have access to our quality education and wisdom, enrol for the training programs in Miami – USA.

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Code Course Title Venue Starting Date Duration Fees
MG21 Self-Management Strategy Miami - USA, 20230220 20 - Feb - 2023 5 - Day $6,750
MG34 The 10-day Strategic Management Programme Miami - USA, 20230220 20 - Feb - 2023 10 - Day $13,500
MG28 Leading and Managing Change for Organisational Transformation Miami - USA, 20230227 27 - Feb - 2023 5 - Day $6,750
PM10 Professional Project Analysis: Managing Risk & Uncertainty Miami - USA, 20230605 05 - Jun - 2023 5 - Day $6,750
MG48 The 10-day Management, Governance & Fiscal Sustainability for the Public Sector Miami - USA, 20231023 23 - Oct - 2023 10 - Day $13,500

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