Maintenance Engineering Training Courses

In order to keep the production process going, the production and manufacturing companies depend on different advanced machines and equipment. In the earlier days, repairs and maintenance of the equipment and machinery were done on an ad hoc basis. However, this system was not a very suitable one as the breakdown of a single machine could result in halting all the other work processes, which slowed down the entire production process. In this era, with the help of various computer programs, maintenance can be done on a regular basis without waiting for the occurrence of a machine breakdown.

With the passing of each day, new and improved systems of equipment maintenance are getting introduced and hence, it is necessary for the site managers and other professionals working in the maintenance sector to take Engineering Maintenance Management Training Courses from time to time. Through these courses, the facility managers can stay updated regarding the latest systems, trends, and industry best practices. This will also help in augmenting the production and in minimizing the unnecessary cost of production. Promise Training & Consultancy is a chief provider of Engineering Maintenance Management Training Courses and various other professional courses. The courses they offer are designed focusing on the needs of the modern business and this quality makes these courses more effective. These courses are delivered in different locations and flexibility is offered in the training schedules.

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Code Course Title Venue Starting Date Duration Fees
MN08 Asset Management Best Practices Dubai - UAE, 20231211 11 - Dec - 2023 5 - Day $4,750
MN07 Advanced Maintenance Management Dubai - UAE, 20231211 11 - Dec - 2023 5 - Day $4,750
EL05 AC Electric Motors & Drives Masterclass Dubai - UAE, 20231211 11 - Dec - 2023 5 - Day $4,750
MN06 Optimising Equipment Maintenance Strategy Online - Virtual, 20231212 12 - Dec - 2023 2 Hrs X 8 Sessions $1,750
ME10 Maintenance Engineering Management Strategies Dubai - UAE, 20231218 18 - Dec - 2023 5 - Day $4,750
FI12 Financial Management for Non-Financial Professionals Dubai - UAE, 20231218 18 - Dec - 2023 5 - Day $4,750
MN03 Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Dubai - UAE, 20231218 18 - Dec - 2023 5 - Day $4,750
IN02 Safety Instrumentation & Emergency Shutdown Dubai - UAE, 20231225 25 - Dec - 2023 5 - Day $4,750

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