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At Promise Training and Consultancy, our expert advisers and trainers will help your business to choose the best training content that suits the training and development needs of your company. In everything we do at Promise Training and Consultancy, we aim at challenging the present-day training expectations. We believe in a holistic staff training where we consider the staff, the employer, and the niche industry. We offer a supportive service by investing heavily in our training research and products. You can be assured of reliable, flexible, and affordable training programs in Geneva – Switzerland for all your employees, supervisors, and managers.

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Code Course Title Venue Starting Date Duration Fees
OG33 Oilfield Microbiology Geneva - Switzerland, 20240513 13 - May - 2024 5 - Day $5,950
MG47 The 10-day Result-Based Management (RBM) for the Public Sector Geneva - Switzerland, 20240722 22 - Jul - 2024 10 - Day $11,900
OG32 Electric Wireline Technology / Production Logging Geneva - Switzerland, 20240729 29 - Jul - 2024 5 - Day $5,950
PN02 Pension Fund Investment and Risk Management Geneva - Switzerland, 20240909 09 - Sep - 2024 5 - Day $5,950
OG26 Carbonate and Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphic in Oil and Gas Exploration Geneva - Switzerland, 20240909 09 - Sep - 2024 5 - Day $5,950

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