Why is Servant Leadership Important in Business

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Leadership aspirants want to make an impact, be recognized for their expertise, and perhaps be toasted at a business or industry event for their efforts.

The legacy experience has been relived by experienced leaders multiple times. Their future selves write a letter to themselves as they look back on their business and their employees. When their letters are read out loud for peer feedback, they use words such as vision, respect, disruption, transformation, care, and results. We hardly think of leaders as servants. The most important jobs are not given to servants, but to the least important ones. Servant leadership may be most directly responsible for leaving a legacy that endures.

What is Servant Leadership?

The importance of servant leadership lies in its ability to create a nurturing environment in which workers feel appreciated, respected, and valued. A strong work culture can be built that is characterized by high employee engagement and morale.

If you follow the traditional model of leadership, you are likely to get compliance as a result. People will not want to go beyond the call of duty. Business can grow, and employees will feel empowered, if business leaders are compassionate, empathetic, and humble. As a result, the company will grow.

Importance of Business Servant Leadership: 5 Reasons

#1: Serve as an Example of Thinking for Yourself 

Creating an environment in which employees can experiment with their ideas is often the best way for leaders to serve employees. Servant leaders, for example, help customers feel less hassled, encourage time management, and expedite development. Employees who experiment with innovative approaches to improve their performance will be celebrated by a servant leader. People can explore their knowledge and skills in other areas of their lives with these small, fast, and cheap experiments. Learning from each experiment, whether it is successful or not, is the key.

#2: Feeling Valued Makes Them Value Their Work 

If people know you care about them, they are more likely to trust you because they are convinced that you are looking out for their best interests. If you invest in them, you get a return on investment when they are committed to quality work.

#3: A Servant Leader will Always Hire Up

Leaders tend to hire people below them because they perceive superior personnel could threaten their leadership. Servant leaders look for ways to maximize talent in order to find better answers and optimize performance.

#4: Being of Service to Others Builds Trust

It is easier to care about someone when you are not judging them than when you are comparing, ranking, and judging them secretly. People cannot be judged until they stop improving. If you do everything you can to improve the performance of your people, you will build a strong bond of trust with them because you have their best interests at heart. The opposite is true: nothing fosters distrust like a leader who treats his or her team like a tool.The opposite is true: nothing fosters distrust like a leader who treats his or her team like a tool.

#5: Rather Than Scripting “how”, Servant Leaders Explain “why” 

Micromanagers are not servant leaders. They explain the “why” behind changes, strategies, and projects. They understand that the people closest to the work have the best insight, creativity, and judgment to solve problems and identify opportunities. Problem-solving is the most engaging activity. Leadership that is authoritative skips the “why” and only tells people what to do.

Servant Leadership: How To Develop It

The characteristics of servant leadership are listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, commitment to the growth of people, and building community. How do you put these into practice? In today’s world, servant leadership plays a vital role in the workplace, in your family, and in your community.

  • Communicate and engage with others
  • Create a plan
  • Model servant leadership

Servant Leadership Training

It is essential for managers to understand what it takes to be a servant leader as organizations change and adapt to meet employees’ needs.

At Promise Training & Consultancy ,we offer servant leadership training courses wherein you will learn how to succeed or overcome challenges and how you can be a better servant leader. For more details, contact us.

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