Which Online Training is Best for Employees?

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Training employees is the best way to stay competitive in today’s market. Employee training costs companies a lot of money. Big companies invest a lot of money in training and development.

Smaller companies and companies with large employee bases find it difficult to arrange continuous in-person training.

This is where online training comes into play.

An online training course involves completing a course via the internet. Various techniques can be used in online training courses, such as audio and video recordings, presentations, and more.

Online training methodologies have the advantage of saving time and money compared to conventional methods. It also eliminates distance constraints. Using a consistent and structured training approach, you can train your employees remotely.

Additionally, employees can easily incorporate online training programs into their busy schedules. Employers and employees alike benefit from it. The fact that it is easily accessible and has a broader reach is an added advantage. 

Sounds interesting, right? Would you like your employees to take online training courses? Want them to become more knowledgeable and skilled? Want to provide your employees with online training, but are unsure where to begin and what courses will benefit your business most?

At Promise Training & Consultancy, you can select suitable online courses out of so many instructor-led online training courses for remote learning to upgrade the knowledge and skills of your employees. Or professionals can make a choice of a course to develop their management and leadership knowledge and skills. 

Check out a few of the management and leadership online training courses for employees. 

Preparing & Developing High Impact Manager

A company’s success and leadership in the 21st century are dependent upon its ability to prepare and develop high impact managers. In order to achieve high impact results, high impact managers understand the Pareto Principle (80/20), which states that 20% of their efforts will produce 80% of the results and 80% of their time should be devoted to developing leaders at all levels on their team. There are many requirements in a rapidly changing marketplace, such as flexibility, solution-seeking, employees who are always learning, and managers who are constantly adapting their work environments, processes, roles and competencies to meet new demands.

To ensure successful succession planning and to increase the capacity of the organization to compete effectively, it is imperative to prepare and develop high impact managers. In order for organizations to succeed, they must assist managers in transitioning their daily activities from being frantic, stressful, complex, exhausting, unfruitful, and demoralizing to becoming optimistic, confident, relaxed, and focused on accomplishing strategic and operational goals. As a manager or leader, delegates will be able to understand the importance of developing high impact managers who can implement principles.

Developing Women as Leaders

In order for an organization to succeed in the current diverse, dynamic, and demanding environment, it must be able to access the unique skills and talents of all employees. Women’s power, potential, and positivity in leadership roles can play a significant role in achieving this goal. In leadership roles, women can bring a different dynamic. It is advantageous to encourage these different ways of thinking, connecting and delivering positive results in order to enhance competitive advantage. To achieve this, it is important to value a variety of approaches.

The Developing Women as Leaders training course will provide participants with a clear understanding of the challenges associated with senior positions, and give them the opportunity to consider how to tailor their leadership practices to their organizational and personal circumstances. Furthermore, the training course will facilitate the identification of participants’ core strengths, enabling them to become reliable, bold leaders and role models who empower everyone around them. To advance to leadership roles, women must make changes to their organizational practices and culture.

Public Speaking & Powerful Presentation Skills

Even for senior executives, presenting to groups can be a stressful experience. Speaking in public is frequently cited as the world’s number one phobia. Presenting information is not the only purpose of most presentations; they are also an opportunity to build one’s own or the organization’s reputation. Therefore, effective public speaking and presentation skills are a requirement for most executives. In this highly participatory workshop, participants will learn how to communicate effectively to inform, influence, and inspire their audience, regardless of the challenges they may face.

Organizations require their managers and professionals to present, either informally at internal meetings or formally at conferences and seminars. As a result of this Public Speaking & Presentation Skills program, delegates will be able to enhance their ability to communicate effectively, which will improve the reputation and efficiency of their organization as a whole. In addition, this course will assist training managers in preparing their staff for better public speaking and presentation skills.

Why Undergo Online Training Programs At Promise Training & Consultancy?

Online training is less costly, more flexible, and more effective. To maximize the results of the online programs, Promise Training & Consultancy has designed the programs with elements of group discussion, live interaction with the trainer, online chat, polls, icebreakers, feedback, and back-to-work action planning. 

You will experience online courses in the VILT format, led by subject matter experts with extensive experience in remote learning. Our programs are presented in small modules in a paced approach with 90 – 120 minute sessions. As a result of this approach, participants experience less disruption in their work and are given the opportunity to reinforce their learning.

What other online training courses are available for employees and do they fit your work profile? Contact our online training experts today!

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