Which Online Corporate Training Programs Are The Best For Employees?

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Is your workforce lacking the skills they need to compete and win? Looking for an online training program that will help you advance your career as a corporate working professional? You’re right either way if you think that way. 

Even during the pandemic, companies simply cannot delay corporate training. They found out ways to navigate that and continued training their employees and encouraging them to pick up new skills. It is for this reason that many businesses have turned to digital learning or virtual instructor-led training (VILT). And this option has emerged as an affordable, flexible, and effective online training model for all. 

At Promise Training & Consultancy, we’re going to discuss three important online corporate training programs your employees can take in this blog post.

Certified Human Resources Professional

If you’re an HR manager, this course is for you. It will help you become familiar with HR policies, processes, leadership, and communication, as well as proactively working with internal customers. What’s the result? You’ll be able to manage HR systems, policies, and procedures that support the business’s goals, and understand how to implement, maintain, and improve them. 

To add tangible value to your HR career, you’ll gain a broad range of administrative, operational, and technical skills and knowledge from the Certified Human Resources Professional course. Participants will gain knowledge and skills in talent acquisition, HR administration, shared services, compensation, benefits, employee relations, risk management, HR information management, talent management, and development.

What Will You Learn?

It equips participants with an understanding of talent acquisition processes and industry best practices, HR administration and shared services, employee engagement and development, and total reward systems, including compensation, benefits and employee experiences, resulting in better organizational results. In addition, they will receive training on workplace safety, legal compliance, employee satisfaction, business continuity, and HR information management.

Who Can Join This Course?

HR professionals who want to master the technical and operational aspects of HR management should take this course.

The 4 Dimensional Leadership Development

Good leadership is in high demand. However, what does good leadership look like? Leadership that focuses on the 4 Dimensions appears to be the right kind of leadership today and in the future, both theoretically and practically. To bring balance to these 4 Dimensions, good leaders must be able to direct themselves and others. Using ground-breaking research, this 4 Dimensional Leadership Development training course provides a framework for upgrading the human operating system and developing leadership to the next level.

Leaders need to know what needs to be done well to be successful in their jobs. It explains the skills needed when managing up, down, out, and inside.

What Will You Learn?

Participants in the 4 Dimensional Leadership Development training course will be able to:

  • Discover a whole new level of strategic thinking
  • Engage stakeholders at all levels, solve complex problems, and lead organizational change
  • Develop game-changing dimensions that can create significant competitive advantage by assessing your current performance
  • Develop a self-development program using neuroscience insights
  • Develop new tools to prepare you for leadership in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment

Who Can Join This Course?

Leaders who want to manage their job demands, develop a more effective and rewarding strategy, and lead change have a great opportunity to take part in the 4 Dimensional Leadership Development training course.

Preparing & Developing High Impact Manager

The success and leadership of an organization depends on its ability to prepare and develop high impact managers. 80% of their time should be dedicated to developing leaders at all levels on their team. High Impact Managers understand the Pareto Principle (80/20) that 20% of their efforts will generate 80% of results. In a rapidly changing marketplace, teams and managers must strive for flexibility, solution-seeking, continuous learning, and the ability to adapt work environments, processes, roles, and competencies rapidly.

Succession planning and growing the organization’s overall ability to compete effectively require the preparation and development of High Impact Managers. Organizations need to develop their ability to become optimistic, confident, relaxed, and focused on meeting strategic and operational objectives, rather than frenzied, stressful, complex, unrelenting, exhausting, and demoralizing. In their role as managers or leaders, delegates will understand the need to prepare and develop high impact managers who can put principles into practice.

What Will You Learn?

In order to achieve the following objectives, Manager Development Training is based on the following model:

In order to increase the delegate’s knowledge of:

  • The secret to achieving exceptional results without working too hard.
  • Focusing on what really matters and ignoring what doesn’t.
  • Finding the right connections and asking the right questions.
  • Define your firm’s and your own core to achieve meaningful success.
  • Create winning strategies by valuing thought over action.
  • Achieving long-term, short-term, and tactical objectives

In order to improve skills in:

  • Being effective versus being busy
  • Using people to diagnose and solve problems
  • Identifying the few key activities that will produce the best results
  • Examining symptoms versus causes
  • Being a bridge between others and getting things done
  • Developing the few to maximize the many
  • Streamlining and prioritizing tasks
  • Analyzing and thinking critically
  • Efforts to achieve greater success

Who Can Join This Course?

This course is designed for:

  • Professionals and leaders interested in learning how to prepare and develop high-impact managers
  • High Impact Managers who are interested in developing their skills
  • People who are responsible for developing and training management in today’s rapidly changing global business environment

By attending this training course, delegates will learn and apply advanced principles of preparing and developing high impact managers in order to transform organizations and build workforce capacities.

Why To Choose Promise Training & Consultancy For You Corporate Training

Promise Training & Consultancy helps you keep your training costs low while continuously training your employees. With our virtual-led training solution, you can reduce expenses associated with in-person training, such as travel, instructor salaries, hard copy course materials, and lost work time.

And when it comes to corporate training for employees, Promise Training & Consultancy takes the lead! 

To learn more, contact us TODAY!

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