Where Can You Study Supply Chain Management Online?

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Global supply chain management touches nearly all industries, and the scope of a career in the field is naturally diverse and offers a wealth of opportunities. Supply chain management professionals play an important role in the development of every product we use, as well as the materials needed to construct our homes and infrastructure for transportation. In order to ensure an ethical, sustainable supply chain, supply chain managers must be both experienced and equipped.

Managing a supply chain that relies on international suppliers and domestic partners is complex and risky. The online supply chain management training courses at Promise Training & Consultancy help equip early-career to senior-level practitioners with skills needed to support supply chain functions, and essential business skills to enable them to advance in their careers.

With our logistics courses, you will master procurement, logistics, operations, and transportation skills. In addition to gaining recognition for your dedication to skills development, you will also be able to maximize your work efficiency and productivity.

Check out a few supply chain management courses offered by Promise Training & Consultancy. 

International Buying Best Practices

For a business, government, or military materials management operation to succeed, international buying must be effective. During this program, you will learn how to locate, use, and manage global suppliers. Efforts will also be made to improve supplier performance, lower prices, increase quality, shorten lead times, reduce inventory levels, and eliminate unnecessary costs. Additionally, we will examine how the internet affects global buying.

Organizations can benefit from international procurement by reducing prices, improving quality, and improving supplier performance through this complex process. This program will teach you how to locate, evaluate, and manage international sources, as well as how to implement best practices in international procurement. Moreover, you will learn how to draft an effective international procurement contract and manage the movement of materials internationally.

Effective Warehouse & Stores Management

A company’s success depends on its ability to manage its warehousing and stores effectively. For the supply chain to meet the needs of the customer, it must move quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Nowadays, a warehouse is more than just a place to store products, but an integral part of a company’s supply chain.

A highly interactive training course exploring various aspects of Warehouse & Stores Management, including production, products, suppliers, customers, and the associated product throughputs and volumes. Workshop participants will be taught how to implement all of the essential tools for managing warehouses and stores effectively.

Negotiation Skills: Mastering the Art of Deal Making Strategies

Businesses and organizations of all kinds have become increasingly dependent on negotiation as one of those underrated management skills. While it can enhance a negotiator’s reputation (when they achieve the “impossible”), it can also have the exact opposite effect if the deal fails.

In this training course, participants learn how to bridge the gap between “barely acceptable” and “winning results”. Participants learn from an acknowledged leader in the field in a “no risk” environment, returning to work with a clear personal development plan.

With online Procurement & Supply Chain, Logistics Training Courses at Promise Training & Consultancy, you experience a new level of flexibility without relocating or putting a successful career on hold. We provide students access to subject matter experts and resources and help become a leader equipped for the future of supply chain management.

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