Virtual Instructor-led Training Programs – Facilitating Remote Learning

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Virtual Instructor-led Training

In this present era of digitization, we tend to spend the majority of our waking hours in the virtual world than in the real world. The virtual world that connects with us via the internet is the world, where most of our professional work, as well as recreational activities, are centered in, and hence, we are getting more and more accustomed to living in it. Today, when it comes to education and coaching, the virtual platforms are doing wonders. Many online courses are being introduced by the training institutes and the convenience of pursuing the online training courses is beyond any doubts.

Promise Training & Consultancy – offering Advanced Virtual Training Courses for Professionals

For some obvious reasons, attending the physical classroom training sessions becomes difficult or inconvenient for the working professionals. Lack of time, venue preferences, and various other restraints are the reasons behind this. Highly reputable and globally recognized professional training institutes like Promise Training & Consultancy understand these limitations of the interested professionals and so, they are offering the rewarding opportunity of powerful and effective online learning.

By pursuing these virtual instructor-led training (VILT) courses, you will be able to enhance your competencies remotely, from the comfort of your couch, and boost your work efficacy and expertise. These innovative training solutions are a fine amalgamation of traditional classroom training and contemporary virtual training, where you get the opportunity to interact with highly qualified and experienced faculties and subject-matter experts.

Virtual Training Courses – a Blend of Comprehensive and Convenient Learning

The virtual training courses are considered to be very convenient as they can be pursued from any location of the trainees’ choice. You can complete these courses at your own pace and at your convenience. The entire course content is divided into small modules and provided to the trainees at regular intervals so that it becomes easier to comprehend and learn the matter effectively. Furthermore, the proceedings of each and every training session are recorded and provided to the trainees for further reference and learning reinforcement.

Make the Most of the Interactive Virtual Learning Solutions

The virtual instructor-led training (VILT) solutions provided by Promise Training & Consultancy are interdisciplinary in nature and they provide you with a highly flexible and gratifying learning experience. These online training courses prove to be cost-effective and offer a personalized learning experience to the participants as they get to interact with the subject-matter experts and receive their real-time support and feedback.

The course modules are designed to adapt to the varying learning needs and capabilities of the trainees and an ample time gap is provided between two consecutive modules for the trainees to assess their progress.

Some of the effective components of these instructor-led online courses are – live interactions, online chats, group discussions, polls, feedback, icebreakers, etc.

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