Top Leadership Skills That Make a Great Leader

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Leadership shapes nations, communities, and organizations.

Leadership is essential to keep the world moving and guide us in major decisions.

Most people are quick to identify bad leaders, but how do you identify a good leader? Do you know what makes a good leader?

Characteristics and Skills of a Good Leader


Self-awareness is a quality of great leaders. Behaviorally, verbally, physically, and even with aspects like body language, they understand how such aspects affect others. Their leadership style is open to feedback. It is important to see yourself from others’ viewpoints. It can be difficult for some people to reflect, but leaders find it essential. It’s what they do every day.

Connectivity and Collaboration

Currently, the business world is more interconnected than it has ever been. Leaders no longer thrive in isolated, hierarchical environments, but in fluid, democratic environments. The key to success is to connect and collaborate across the organization. Considering how many teams today are cross-functional, connecting allows employees and other employees within the organization to establish valuable relationships. Using virtual platforms and tools, we are now able to connect, interlink, and communicate in increasingly authentic and intuitive ways that weren’t previously possible.

As for collaboration, it often comes down to this simple statement: collaborative leaders will place team needs and priorities above personal needs and priorities, and they actively foster synergy within the team and across teams. Successful leaders actively involve others in making decisions that affect them and, likewise, they give credit to others where credit is due.

Think Strategically, Innovate, and Take Action

Making strategic business decisions requires leaders to consider both internal organization factors, such as product roadmaps and staffing needs, as well as external factors, such as government regulations and technology advancement. Leaders must look ahead. They need to think about the future of the organization.

They are Civic-Minded And Ethical

Leadership involves considering both the ethical implications of one’s decisions for the customer and those of one’s team.

Communicate Effectively Across Cultures

Leadership skills involve clear communication with individuals, business units, the company as a whole, and external stakeholders. Leaders must also respect the traditions of communication in an increasingly globalized economy.

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