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Procurement has become a global trade. Private and public organizations are sourcing software, hardware, medicine, and even intellectual properties from every corner of the world. But procurement can be risky, controlling the complex process is a heavy logistical burden and finding the most trustworthy suppliers is like finding out something very precious.

Some suppliers seek transparency in their business relationships and safety in the process. It feels like all parties need to compromise over either the smoothness or the transparency of the workflow. There is a third way when businesses can get the best of both worlds without compromise – through using the best practices for public procurement management that includes purchasing, sourcing, supply chain management.

No matter what you call the discipline, the role of a public procurement manager is vital to every single department in an enterprise. To make the most of the public procurement profession, you have to have in-depth knowledge and skills in legislative, regulatory, organizational, and managerial foundations and in the modern public procurement system. If you want to take your career in procurement and supply chain to the advanced levels, you have to get a clear outlook of the field and to understand the rationale behind public procurement decisions.

The fact is, the demand for experienced public procurement professionals is high, but lacking supply.

Promise Training & Consultancy introduces public procurement management training courses for professionals who can upgrade their skills and expand their knowledge by diving into the study of advanced policy tools and theory. It aims to nable procurement professionals to cope with the challenges of regulating, executing and monitoring public procurement in an economic and socially responsive manner while mitigating adverse environmental impacts.

Promise Training & Consultancy public procurement management program is designed to offer a solid skills base. The purchasing and procurement modules will help equip early-career to senior-level practitioners with skills needed to support supply chain functions, and essential business skills to enable them to advance in their careers.

Standard public Procurement Management Training Courses

Promise Training & Consultancy offers the following training and professionalization courses on a regular basis:

  • Purchasing Management, Tendering & Supplier Selection
  • Effective Warehouse & Stores Management
  • Negotiation Skills: Mastering the Art of Deal Making Strategies
  • Strategic Procurement Management Masterclass
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • International Buying Best Practices
  • Advanced Purchasing and Cost Saving Techniques
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  • Effective Warehouse & Stores Management
  • Procurement Specialist: The A to Z of Procurement Best Practices

Aims and Objectives of the Public Procurement Management Course

Promise Training & Consultancy caters to procurement professionals across the globe and the endeavor is to enable anyone to assist their company with effective planning, procurement, stock management, pricing, logistics, and distribution. It will help them get an overview of the field and to understand the rationale behind public procurement decisions.

Tailor-made Public Procurement Management Training Courses

Promise Training & Consultancy offers these courses online. All of these courses are designed to enable the professionals to master the necessary tactical skills in procurement, logistics, operations, and transportation. They will also gain recognition for their dedication to skills development, as well as maximize their work efficiency and productivity.

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