Let’s Continue Learning Virtually & Stay Safe Even During This COVID-19 Phase

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We hope this Covid-19 phase will disappear soon and we will be back to our normal life quickly. In between, the process of learning cannot stop when all in-class and formal education processes have been suspended due to this pandemic. So what when you have the convenience of connecting with people worldwide from your home, thanks to the Internet?

Promise Training & Consultancy has taken advantage of this convenience to help their students and management course aspirants by introducing an interactive instructor-led education program in virtual format to help them continue to upgrade their skills with the equal level of service quality. This virtual education solution will help their students stay safe, informed, and connected.

Virtual Courses for COVID-19

How Will This Interactive Instructor-Led Virtual Courses Program Be Delivered?

Promise Training & Consultancy has introduced this interactive instructor-led courses program in virtual format for their delegates, keeping in view of their participants and all associate safety for this pandemic. As a result, their delegates will be able to continue to learn their management course programs at Promise Training & Consultancy and be able to connect with their instructors and other participants even during this critical phase outside. It will help them stay indoors and safe, informed, and connected, at the same time, new students willing to leverage this period of time doing almost-nothing being confined at home can enroll now in any course covering multiple professional areas and also avail of this virtual class facility.

This interactive instructor-led virtual class program is conducted over Cisco WebEx Platform where you can have:

  • Face-to-face interaction with the instructor
  • Experience the premium quality features of video conferencing 
  • Accessibility from all devices anywhere
  • No software to install
  • Enable to share screen, contents, files, videos, etc.
  • Convenience of private and public chat facility with the instructor during the meeting

How will This Interactive Instructor-Led Virtual Course Program Benefit You?

Definitely this online interactive program will be advantageous from multiple perspectives. Top of all, you will be safe and secure from COVID-19, as you don’t have to venture out to join your classes. Take a quick look at the benefits of this interactive instructor-led virtual program.


  • Highly interactive, one-on-one interaction facility
  • Convenience and flexibility of accessing to the online program from anywhere
  • Cost-saving and time-saving
  • Availability of recorded version of the classes later
  • Support personalization

That this interactive virtual program is super beneficial for anyone is without saying. You can join and access classes regardless of your geographical locations and be able to navigate this pandemic and remain physically and mentally stable. All the more, you will receive personalized support from their education experts through video conferencing, avail of those classes later in recorded virtual format that you might have missed. Additionally, you can avail of their reduced course fee offers, which are now available for being able to save costs for their classroom expenses.


We believe this is a real opportunity for those who have long been looking for enrolling in courses that belong to the categories of leadership, electrical engineering, health and safety, finance and accounting, human resources, administration and secretarial, contract management, and customer services, among various others.

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