Leading through the Crisis of Coronavirus: Preparation, Management & Business Continuity

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Insights on how organizations can respond to this crisis and emerge even stronger!

On some beautiful day in the future, when the spectre of Covid-19 has been made to stop haunting the world, it will be the time to hand out trophies. And, the list of the recipients of those trophies may include scores of professionals, business executives, up to your local administrators who led and acted decisively to blunt the impacts of that pandemic and enabled their organizations to emerge even stronger. You’ll read that crisis has been conquered by them through a positive combination of talents and competencies.

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Current Scenario:

With COVID-19 affecting 209 countries and territories and billions of factory production putting to a stop, it is quite natural that everybody on this planet right now will be keeping their fingers crossed and waiting anxiously for that glorious day to come sooner than anything. I am also one of them.

But, in the face of a challenge and a crisis like COVID-19 which is perhaps eclipsing all other past epidemics so quickly in both size and scope, only hopes and wishes will unlikely work. This situation does require those people who can take the lead from the front, framing and implementing decisive action plans in order to control and contain the extent and reach of economic collateral damages and disruptions.

The need of hour is, therefore, to have a resilient and confident leadership in organizations, who can work determinedly to blunt the crisis impacts and fight from the front skilfully.

Crisis Management

Why Do You Need Resilient Leadership?

As you know, the hardest things are often the softest things. Resilient leadership is like the one consisting of those people who are determined, genuinely empathetic, and can put themselves in another’s shoes, including their staff, customers and broader ecosystems. Resilient leaders can take a hard, rational decision to protect economic performance from the consistent softness that accompanies such disruptions.

Why is Resilient Leadership a Hero in Crisis for Business Continuity?

We know that resiliency is one of the top qualities that is required during a crisis. And, in this time when the world is reeling under lockdown trauma and business paralysis, the requirement for confident and resilient leadership which has the ability to recognize the harsh realities of the day and inspire people to believe we can power through the crisis and take decisive actions is definitely high.

Let’s see what the kind of qualities a true leader should have for your organization.

  • Ability to deal with difficult situations confidently
  • Deliver clear and inspiring message while giving co-workers a vision of what’s possible and what’s needed to achieve the possible
  • Become the trusted source of information in adversity
  • Respond positively to the situations and show a balanced perspective
  • Show the tenacity and grit having eye on achieving results

The Right Time to Prepare:

If optimism is a quality, you can translate it into a reality by developing a resilient crisis management leadership for your organization. That leadership can help you make through this ‘VUCA’ (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world calmly and confidently.

Who to Undertake this Leadership?

In general, organizations target their senior executives to remain prepared with these leadership qualities. They want their senior executives to display resilience, tenacity, and confidence, and to enable them to get through the toughest of times. However, they can also get their department heads, managers, and supervisors coached for leadership preparation.


Corporate icons like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and so many corporate stalwarts had displayed poise, tenacity, and confidence that helped them challenge the challenges and get through the toughest of times capably. They faced so many phases of adversities, but were never undone by them. Adversities were always opportunities for them and their well-structured preparedness helped them to limit the damage and discover the right ways to deal with those difficult situations calmly and confidently.

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