Know How Leadership Management Course can Help You: Refer to Case Studies

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“Leadership is the capability to translate vision into reality” – Warren Bennis.

Well! We cannot agree more with Warren Bennis, the renowned American scholar, organizational consultant, and author. Now the situation is, not everyone is born with the capability. Often people say or believe that capabilities develop with growing experience; but, we differ a bit.

There are some things that cannot be acquired easily. And, leadership skill is one such. We have witnessed many cases where a person who is holding an apex position in an organization, in spite of having enormous years of experience, the leadership quality has not developed much.  In this scenario, a leadership management course has been proven quite effective.

At Promise Training & Consultancy, we believe that both theoretical and practical knowledge is required in order to grasp something. And thus, we conduct seminars and workshops on every course so that participants get the chance to know about the in-hand application as well. We being one of the leading training providers in Dubai, UAE, have designed the courses in such a way that a wide range of target audience come under the ambit. To give you a brief idea about the structures of these courses, we are going to discuss two prominent courses. So, without further exaggeration, let’s bring forth the excellence in the front row.

  1. Communication, Interpersonal & Influencing Skills

Course Duration: 5 Days

Locations: As of now, the seminars and workshops for this course is conducted in prominent places like Abu Dhabi, Houston, Dubai, and Singapore.

Influencing someone is certainly one of the most difficult tasks ever. Not everyone is apt enough to do so. Effective and efficient managerial skill talks about handling the situation wisely; instead of dictatorship. Well! Worry not; there is no such magic trick. All you need to do is to enroll for this particular course category where we will give you the formula that can be used upon anyone to influence their decisions. We will also talk about how to develop effective communication & interpersonal skills, how to identify the patterns and behaviors of different people, how to understand the perspectives of people, how to accept the organizational politics positively. We have designed this course for anyone who wants to be an influential person.

Our esteemed client Mr. Emmanuel Asante from Quality Insurance Company attended the course. In his own words, “The course has been able to enhance my knowledge in leadership as a whole which I intend applying on the job”. So, are you eager enough to attend this course; enroll yourself for the next upcoming session before all the seats get booked.

Leadership Management Course

2. Team Building & Team Work: Essential Principles for Innovative Teamwork & Corporate Transformation

Course Duration: 5 Days

Locations: As of now, the seminars and workshops for this course are conducted in prominent places like Dubai, New York, and Bangkok.

When we talk about a big enterprise, there are several parts that form the bigger picture. Every employee is part of that and collectively they form a team. In any successful organization, teamwork is a must. For effective management, it is important to know the team management formula. Don’t worry! We don’t want to keep the formula with us.

This course is going to tell you the secret formula how to build an innovative team with deeply-routed core values, how to be an effective team leader and team member, how to be a part of knowledge-sharing, and also how to apply your skill set correctly within an enterprise.

The target audience for this course includes line managers, team leaders, supervisors, and also professionals who are at the managerial post. To make these people efficient in managing a whole team is the sole purpose of this course.

This course has been taken by a number of people so far. One of our esteemed clients named Abraham Kiptoo Serem from Kengen has said,An appraisal of my leadership journey, very practical tips on leadership dynamics and how it will grow me”.

To experience the excellence, you need to enroll for the leadership management course in Promise Training & Consultancy. Our experts are renowned people from the industry. So, get the best training ever from a leading training provider in Dubai and see yourself reaching the top in the most effective manner.

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