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  • Clarify your business vison, strategy and values
  • Be totally customer focused
  • Develop world class people
  • Continuously improve processes and systems
  • Positively control performance and results
  • Deliver consistent standards of service
  • Ensure you and your board works collaboratively
  • Make and communicate decisions to keep the business on track

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    What is ‘Being a Successful Business Owner & Board Member’ about?

    This acclaimed webinar program is tailor to meet the needs of business owners, CEO & Managing Directors, Decision Makers, Entrepreneurs, and SME Owners or Managers wishing to become board members or Non-Executive Directors.

    It is designed for those who seek support to open up new opportunities and maximize their chances of success. Virtual, flexible, interactive and working with a group capped at 20, the program is fast-paced and challenging.

    Our supportive and informative framework will help you to answer important questions such as What is my business vision, strategy, and values? How should I motivate others to do what I need them to do to deliver the required results? How to collaborate and deliver consistent service standards? How should I communicate decisions that give meaning and purpose? How should I present myself? And What are others, including stakeholders and boards, really looking for?’ You will assess your leadership style and learn the leadership attitudes and communication behaviors that will support you in your role.

    This weekly program of 8, 75 minutes, webinars will give you the skills and means to be confident about your leadership role. Additional 1:1 coaching will be provided on request to meet your exact needs and address your leadership challenges of today and tomorrow.

    This weekly program of webinars will give you the resources to be confident about who you are and what you have to offer. It has evolved and been enhanced over the last 12 months, building on the experience and feedback of participants to give you the ultimate experience.

    This is a hugely practical and thought provoking course. Why didn’t I do this sooner? The weekly webinars had hreat content and that fact that I could easily llaise with Niali via email anytime was Invaluable.. I highly recommend this course. You won’t be dissapointed Contact me anytime for further comment.

    -Anirudh Naduvath 

    How it Works


    Call us to learn more about this 8 week webinar program and find out if it meets your needs.


    Once you’ve signed up, you’llparticipate in weekly 75 minute webinars led by expert coaches based in London with potential for face to face coaching after the


    Share and collaborate with your peers between the webinars to reinforce learning and get support with applying your new skills actions.


    Applying the webinar skills will give you new confidence and personal satisfaction. You will understand yourself and others better and know how to overcome challenges faced business owners and leaders.