Importance of Health and Safety to the Workers and to the Employment

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Imagine a workplace scenario where an ice-making machine at a business place had been leaking for several days and although the normal practice was to mop up any spillages as soon as they appeared, on the day of the accident, they were short-staffed and no one had stopped to clear it up. A twenty-one-year-old girl who had just started working at the restaurant slipped on the wet patch and instinctively put out her hand to break her fall, but unfortunately, it went into a deep fat fryer and she was badly burnt.

It’s not hard to see how this accident could have been avoided and in fact, when investigated, it was found out that the accident had been completely avoidable, and therefore, the injury the girl suffered had been completely avoidable.

Everyone is entitled to work in an environment where risks to their health and safety are properly controlled. As employees of an organization, you also have a responsibility for your own health and safety and for that of your colleagues, customers, and anyone who may be affected by what you do, or what you don’t do. For example, if someone or anyone had cleared up the spillage, that accident almost certainly wouldn’t have happened.

So, health and safety at the workplace are about looking after yourself, and those around you, and it’s also about how the risk of harm or injury is managed and reduced. We do this for our personal safety. Perhaps, we don’t think of it in those terms, but we go through a process of assessing risks and taking precautions.

Workplace health, safety, security, and environmental training can help employees what they should and should not do when they carry out their workplace activities. In order to ensure it, employees can suitably be trained in all aspects of their job. Suitable workplace health, safety training can reduce workplace incidents and accidents that in turn can lead to reduced costs, fewer potential lawsuits, and lower insurance premiums. This can also promote a happier, healthier, and safer workplace.

Who Needs Health and Safety Training?

Workplace health and safety training is required for all employees of an organization. It can help them to ensure that they know how to work safely and that they understand how risks to their health are controlled.

Types of Workplace Training

Workplace orientation, fire safety, and emergency procedures, first aid, health and safety, safe use of workplace tools, machinery, and equipment, and, risk assessments are a few types of workplace training.

Sources of Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Training

In-house, external, and online safety training are three popular training sources. Based on the company’s requirements, you may choose one of them.

Career advancement option is also available by undergoing physical or online safety training courses. For example, those who are working in the shipping industry may undergo International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG): Application of Best Practices at Promise Training & Consultancy. Or those who are responsible for keeping records of a business can opt for Documents & Records Management Masterclass to level up their knowledge and skills in records management. By undergoing Documents & Records Management Masterclass, a professional can improve their understanding of the legal environment that surrounds records management and their responsibilities in terms of the law, skills in using the DIRKS records management methodology in accordance with ISO 15489, or develop a business classification scheme or file plan.

Concluding Thoughts:

Even if a workplace environment is different and employees function with so much risk, there are some common workplace health and safety rules that employees and employers need to be equally aware of, such as identifying, assessing, and managing hazards within the workplace, informing, training and supervising employees on safety practices, etc.

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