Importance of A Visionary Leadership

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We live in a rapidly changing, fast-paced world where our brains are literally inundated with thousands of bits of information every moment. That’s why our attention span has become very short and that the competing requirements for our attention actually is phenomenal that has never been before.

So, from a leader’s perspective, to keep your team focused on what they are trying to do is certainly a rising challenge in today’s business world. The ability to create a vision to paint a picture of the future that people buy into is a trademark of leadership expertise. And, it really is like painting a picture of what the future will look like.

It’s a leader’s ability to get an emotional buy-in by the people who are hearing that vision into that picture and also their understanding and belief that they can make a contribution to its realization. In organizations, a vision statement articulates what the organization aspires to achieve.

What is Visionary Leadership?

A style of leading others, visionary leadership is aimed at inspiring and energizing people to work toward the future goals. They enable others to clearly and vividly realize what the future holds and anticipate what’s coming, both opportunities and obstacles. Visionary leaders connect the dots between various trends and events and interpret how and what is happening today might impact the future.

Visionary leaders don’t seek control over their employees. They provide freedom to employees instead to determine the best path to actualizing a vision. Ability to hold the end picture in mind is an attribute of a visionary leader.

Why is Visionary Leadership Important?

A visionary leader is an individual with foresight, who can see what the future holds, what the opportunities and obstacles, and how to plan to take steps to get there or navigate. One can become a visionary without a leadership role and become an idea guy. And, that he or she can successfully lead people to accomplish it, without having a vision for the change you’d like to create.

When these two abilities are combined – the ability to see the potential for change and the ability to lead others, those will create a visionary leader.

What are the Attributes of a Visionary Leadership?

There are two components to being a leader. One is to see the potential for change and the other is to lead people toward the destination of accomplishment. If you are one or the other, everything is you have to be able to create a tangible destination, engage people with reality, and devise plans to sustain or perpetuate the energy.

Apart from these, 5 hallmark attributes must exist in a visionary leader.


Social pressures can influence visionary leaders less than most others. Their resilience holds high in the face of adversity. They can help their companies navigate through tumultuous times as they see setbacks as not a sign of failure, but a mere stopping point on the way to realizing a vision. Which is why they can take calculated risks and endure uncertainty.


The primary job of a leader is to direct attention. In order to do it, leaders must learn to focus their own attention. That being said, we mean visionary leaders can filter out distractions. They know which things they should give priority first, based on what they plan and never go for handling everything around them at a time. Successful leaders know that being a leader doesn’t mean doing everything. With good focus, one can succeed as a visionary leader.


Vision is a mental picture of the future. It means you are not there already, but you have an idea of what it looks like. You have the foresight to see what the future holds like. Visionary leaders can see tomorrow from today. So, to be a visionary leader, you need to have nothing more than a clear vision of the future. You might often experience a difficulty in communicating that vision with clarity and passion to motivate and inspire people to take action. As a leader, you must engage your people with a compelling and tangible vision.


Actions of a leader would speak and impact others. To this goal, a visionary leader must be disciplined to ensure that the actions those are manifested are impacting people positively.


A leader cannot achieve a business vision alone. The journey has to take along a team that can work together. Visionary leaders inspire and motivate others to harness their unique gifts and strengths to find innovative and creative solutions for their business goal. A visionary leader has to create an open environment where people can learn to trust each other.

Are You A Visionary Leader?

Some of you might have the style of working like a visionary leader naturally. That means they have got a set of characteristics encoded within their minds already. But, how would you come to know whether you have those characteristics or attributes within you? You may start by reviewing those 5 qualities listed above, or reflect on any one of them for a minute or two, or visualize yourself embodying this visionary leadership attribute, among others.

In Conclusion:

Visionary leaders look at the status quo and see how they can make a situation different instead of just improving the current situation. This is an ability that a leader has to achieve through experience or pick up through a leadership skills development and management training. Are you ready to upgrade your leadership skills?

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