Health and Safety Training: Why Is It Important For Your Employees?

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Workplace health and safety training is essential to comply with the latest health and safety regulations and to prevent accidents and long-term effects on employee health.

Encourage your employees to participate in health and safety training courses in addition to the obvious benefits. This will result in you saving money on insurance premiums, improving your reputation, reducing absenteeism, and preventing you from being taken to court for negligence or worse, facing imprisonment.

We at Promise Training & Consultancy provide a range of health and safety training courses in Dubai that are designed to help employers protect workers and businesses from the hazards present in the workplace.

Let’s explore the benefits of health and safety training in more detail.

Reductions in Your Insurance Premiums

 Your public or employee liability insurance costs can be reduced if you can demonstrate your managers are trained in a variety of health and safety issues. It is less likely that an organization or company with trained managers and supervisors will file claims for accidents, illnesses, or injuries.

Build A Better Reputation for Your Business

 If you are found negligent, a workplace accident could bring your business to an end. There are many forms of negligence, ranging from failure to provide adequate training on equipment and machinery to excessive working hours. Whether your employees are at work or on the road, you have a duty of care to keep them safe and healthy. A company with an excellent safety record and a good reputation will often have good health and safety training for its employees.

Productivity Increases

Fit and healthy employees are capable of working more efficiently and fully focusing on the task at hand. On the other hand, an employee suffering from a bad back will be unable to perform certain tasks and will be more focused on their pain. In addition to recognizing problems when they occur and taking steps to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring, well-trained health and safety managers will arrange for assistance when staff experiences health problems.

Absenteeism is Reduced

Staff and managers benefit from health and safety training by reducing the number of employee illnesses and absences. For instance, one might need to provide adequate hand washing stations to prevent the spread of viruses in enclosed areas or make sure there is adequate ventilation in enclosed areas.

Litigation Protection

Taking reasonable precautions to protect their employees from accidents and illnesses is a legal requirement for all companies. Those found negligent may face heavy fines and even imprisonment if they are found to be negligent. By ensuring that all incidents are documented, investigated and on the whole avoided altogether, the appropriate level of health and safety training can be achieved.

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