Give Your Team the Electrical Engineering Skills They Need in Today’s Context

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Are you working in a production or manufacturing company as an electrical engineer? You might have been noticing that how the scope of work in your field is continuously changing, with new things adding every now and then. Look around today’s electrical jobs that involve developing, designing, testing, and supervising the manufacturing of electrical devices and equipment, including navigation systems, electric motors, and power generation equipment, and compare the days when you joined this profession. That said you’ve to commit to yourself that you’ll always keep your skills updated in order to be able to handle such complex concepts and theories, and understand how to apply them to real-life projects.

As lack of preparedness is often cited as the biggest reason for the high attrition rate, you need, therefore, to undergo electrical training courses to be familiar with the new developments in your domain, to level up your skills, and to possess a very unique and tailored skillset. Wondering how will it be possible for professionals like you to join a training class? No worries! There are several corporate training providers who offer both virtual-led training programs as well as classroom training programs. Check some of them out here below:

Industrial Controls and Automation

By undergoing this course, you will know how the product quality, efficiency, and production rate can all be improved while manufacturing and design expenses are reduced by using industrial automation. Control systems and equipment, such as computer software and robots, are used in industrial automation to accomplish tasks that were formerly performed manually.

This course will provide essential knowledge of Industrial Automation to engineers and technicians. They will gain theoretical and practical knowledge of SCADA systems. Starting with the foundational RS232 standard and progressing through Modbus over TCP/IP, it will provide an overview of modern digital communication standards and networks. You’ll discover how to improve the systems in terms of safety, flexibility, and cost. The course also covers the use and selection of wireless link equipment, as well as current radio links, from application to troubleshooting.

MV Cable Installation Splicing, Terminating, Testing & Diagnostics

This course will provide participants with the most up-to-date information on testing, commissioning, and diagnosing Medium Voltage power lines. It goes through some of the more typical and up-to-date components of MV cable corrective and preventative maintenance. This course covers the fundamentals of cable construction, splicing, installation, selection testing, diagnosis, and problem location for any engineer, technician, or cable jointer who works in distribution. You’ll also learn cable splicing and termination techniques to assist you to avoid mistakes that could lead to premature electrical breakdowns.

Electrical Equipment Troubleshooting & Maintenance

This Electrical Equipment Troubleshooting & Maintenance training course covers the most up-to-date technology in electrical equipment troubleshooting and maintenance. It also describes how these machines work and lays out the standards and rules that must be followed in order for the operation to be successful. Their fundamental design, operating characteristics, specification, selection criteria, and all maintenance difficulties are all described in great detail.

Promise Training & Consultancy, a leading corporate training solutions provider, is offering specialized electrical engineering training courses that you can avail of either online and classroom modules.

Key USPs:

  • Avail a variety of lessons in Electrical Engineering that can help you build robust knowledge and skills in the specific field
  • Learn about industrial controls and automation, equipment troubleshooting and maintenance, power system harmonics, distribution, and protection
  • Get introduced to MV Cable Installation Splicing, Terminating, Testing & Diagnostics
  • Get added to the safety instrumentation and emergency shutdown and learn how to troubleshoot and provide maintenance
  • Advance your knowledge with video lectures, and real-world examples

Each electrical engineering course of Promise Training & Consultancy is created and reviewed by industry experts from around the world and designed to help individual professionals or teams understand the use of electronics to create, convey, and manipulate information, as well as you will master the basics of circuits and signal processing. During the course, you will also get the opportunity to communicate with your instructors to resolve any inquiries related to the course.

To learn more details of electrical engineering training courses offered by Promise Training & Consultancy, CLICK HERE

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