Developing Future-Ready HR Professionals – Top 4 Training Programs for 2024

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The workforce is changing rapidly. With new technologies, employee expectations, and economic shifts – HR professionals need to continuously upgrade their skills to support business success in today’s environment.

However, research reveals only 21% of HR pros currently have the critical competencies needed for the future workforce challenge. This skill gap in HRs clearly signifies the urgent need for strategic and tailored training programs.

Through advanced on-site or online HR training, professionals can gain cutting-edge capabilities to drive workforce transformation. They will be able to align HR strategy with wider organizational goals. The right courses equip HR leaders with future-focused skills in different areas like critical thinking, strategic consultation, change management, and more.

Here are 4 best HR training Courses to consider in 2024

  • Creative Thinking for HR

This intensive course enables HR professionals to enhance their critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and communication abilities. Using interactive tools and techniques, participants can learn how to analyze issues objectively. They will also learn how to question assumptions, interpret data, and arrive at innovative solutions. Taking up this course enables participants to improve their decision-making, conclusion-drawing and ability to persuade others.

  • Highlights of This Course

Improves thinking and communicating style 

Helps to make better business decisions

Helps to cope with the challenges which lie ahead

Ideal for HR Officers, HR personnel, HR professionals 

  • Certified Human Resources Manager

This 5-day/8-day human resources certification course focuses on developing strategic HR competencies to align HR strategy with business strategy. This training is specially designed for senior HR managers and leaders. The curriculum of this course includes strategic consultation, leading in uncertainty, talent development, continuous improvement, HR metrics, and more. 

Highlights of this course

Provides strategic HR consultation

Helps to learn how to manage uncertain situations

Promotes continuous professional development

Helps to learn the best practices in Measurement and Analysis (KPIs)

Ideal for HR Specialist, HR Strategist, HR Business Partner and HR Manager

  • Lean Six Sigma 

In this 5-day/8-day training, HR professionals gain in-depth knowledge of optimizing processes and eliminating waste through concepts like cycle time reduction, SMED, and flexible production systems. A certification is awarded on completion of this course. The skills gained in this training allow HR leaders to enhance operational efficiency, cost management, and service delivery across HR functions.

Highlights of This Course

Helps to understand the concepts and implementation of Lean Organization

It makes you aware of wastes reduction

Helps to comprehend different flexible production approaches

Helps to Reduce time, cost, waste, and quality problems

Ideal for HR professionals and all levels of personnel willing to decode lean management.

  • Employee Relations Best Practices

This course provides a masterclass in building positive employee relationships through effective policies and leadership practices. HR professionals will review key procedures for discipline, grievances, capability management, and more. They will learn to support managers/leaders in resolving workplace issues and driving engagement.

Highlights of this course

Helps to decode effective employee relations

Helps to identify the practical steps to build strong employee relationships

Makes you aware of Employee Relations policies 

Finding opportunities to support team leaders and supervisors

Ideal for HR personnel, Leaders and Line managers.

Bottom Line

These forward-focused HR training programs are offered in flexible formats(both on-site and online) by Promise Training & Consultancy, the leading corporate training provider in the UAE.

We have the industry’s best training experts on our team. Explore our HR course catalog today. Pick a course that best suits your professional needs and helps you excel in your career.

If you are not sure about which HR training course will be suitable for your career, our training experts are just a phone call away. Dial our number and get a pre-course assessment today.

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