The 4 Dimensional Leadership Development

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The demand for good leadership is increasing. However, what is good leadership? Both in theory and in practice it appears frequently that the right kind of leadership now and in the future consists of leadership that focuses on the 4 Dimensions. Good leaders need to be able in directing themselves and others, to bring these 4 Dimensions into balance. This 4 Dimensional Leadership Development training course draws on ground-breaking research to provide a framework for a whole new upgrade to the next level of the human operating system and to the next level of leadership development.

The 4 Dimensional Leadership Development training course explains what is needed to be done well in order to be successful in the job of leadership. The course concretely explains the skills needed when Managing Up, Down, Out and In. Managing Up is about managing your boss (the Chairman + Board in the case of a CEO). Managing Down covers your direct team and the broader organization reporting to you. Managing Out addresses the issues of dealing with external stakeholders such as the media and shareholders and developing your personal brand. Finally, Managing In is all about managing yourself, staying grounded amongst the ‘constant change’ around you.

Delegates complete a self-assessment questionnaire and create their own personal development plans. The training course provides a fresh opportunity to enhance the knowledge and skill capacities of effective and successful leaders. The 4 Dimensional Leadership Development benefits all leaders including already successful ones accomplished through strengths-based and individualized leader-responsive tools and strategies that can be applied immediately.


Attending the 4 Dimensional Leadership Development training course will enable the participants to:

  • Unlock a whole new level of strategic thinking and its application
  • Solve complex problems, lead organizational change and engage with stakeholders at all levels
  • Learn how to assess your current level of performance to reveal game-changing dimensions that can create significant competitive advantage
  • Draw on insights from neuroscience to create a self-development programme
  • Provide a new set of developmental tools to prepare you for leadership in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment


The 4 Dimensional Leadership Development training course is designed for experienced and aspiring leaders who want to learn how to manage the competing priorities of their jobs, develop a more responsive and rewarding strategy and has a desire to drive change and take people with them.


This practical and results-oriented The 4 Dimensional Leadership Development training course is based on adult learning concept. Designed as an intensive training, and knowledge sharing exercise, where group work and role play facilitates learning. Through a set of lectures and practical exercises, delegates will be introduced to the advanced knowledge of 4D Leadership Development. Participants will learn through active participation, discussions, video materials. Practical cases and examples illustrate the variety of current practices and build leadership capabilities for delegates.

Pre & Post course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training.


Module 1 - 4 Dimensional Leadership Development

  • KeyTopics:

    • What is 4 Dimensional Leadership Development?
    • Understand how to apply the 4 Dimensions of Leadership Development
    • Enhance and/or implement vision, mission alignment
    • Connect with purpose and establish or synchronize immediate, intermediate and long-term personal and/or professional goals
    • Learn how to develop and support motivated, focused, enthusiastic staff
    • Enhance relationship and communication skills  

Module 2 -Managing Up

  • KeyTopics:

    • Anticipate your manager’s needs (strategic and financial results)
    • Understand what makes your boss tick (and what ticks them off) to get their buy-in
    • Know the right way to bring problems to your boss
    • Disagreeing in a respectful and productive way
    • Putting a bad relationship back on track
    • Managing a brand new boss, a manager you don’t meet face to face, an insecure boss, and all-knowing boss, a manager who gives conflicting messages, a ‘hands-off’ boss, a manager who isn’t as smart as you and a manager that’s actually the board of directors

Module 3 - Managing Down

  • KeyTopics:

    • Clarify best practice and level of authority to choose to give when delegating
    • Overcome inhibitions about delegation
    • Better delegate/motivate when you have staff with varying degrees of experience/ability
    • Build confidence and skills to achieve mutually acceptable outcomes
    • Use available resources more effectively to achieve desired results
    • Foster motivation and competence in staff
    • Monitor and measure staff progress and performance

Module 4 -Managing Out

  • KeyTopics:

    • Mobilize colleagues, clients and suppliers etc.
    • Forge ties with peers to deliver organizational results
    • Create a motivational narrative to secure their buy-in and support
    • Agree on action plans that benefit all stakeholders involved
    • Secure their commitment to continuous improvement and long-term involvement

Module 5 -Managing In

  • KeyTopics:

    • Validate and affirm what you already do well
    • Individual assessment to improve and enhance leadership capacity
    • Deal effectively with specific workplace and/or staff challenges
    • Manage internal conflict and “crisis” situations more effectively to reduce stress
    • Enhance team building and facilitation skills
    • Develop work-life balance

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