Strategic Project Assessment: Identification, Policy Analysis & Selection

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Dubai - UAE , 20210606 06 - Jun - 2021 5 - Day $4,750 Register
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The effective management of large, complicated, concurrent projects requires managerial skills, knowledge, and tools that extend beyond those required for the management of single projects.

At this level of project management, project and program managers interface to a much larger degree with the strategic business goals, policies, and objectives of the company, and are typically involved in strategic business and financial decisions affecting the overall success and efficiency of the organization. The processes of Strategic Project Assessment: Identification, Policy Analysis & Selection are critical to the successful selection and management of projects or programs undertaken to achieve the strategic goals of the organization.

This 5-day training programme on Strategic Project Assessment: Identification, Policy Analysis & Selection will enable delegates to apply the tools and techniques of modern project and program management effectively.


The important features of the Strategic Project Assessment training course are:

  • Understand the corporate strategic processes and goals that determine project selection
  • Establish the necessary structures and systems for program and project management
  • Identify the most appropriate project portfolios in harmony with corporate strategy
  • Select the best contractors, suppliers, and consultants for your project
  • Manage and control project progress and cost outcome on a continuous basis


By attending this course, delegates will learn how to:

  • Identify appropriate investment projects based on the overall corporate strategy, strategic goals and commercial policies of the organization
  • Evaluate individual projects based on technical criteria to determine their technical viability
  • Understand how project programs, systems, and structures provide an integrated mechanism for the process of project selection and assessment
  • Determine the most appropriate contracting approach to ensure that corporate goals are realized
  • Apply the best source selection techniques for a given project or program
  • Use accurate progress and cost control methods to ensure project delivery according to the contractual baseline


The Strategic Project Assessment: Identification, Policy Analysis & Selection training programme is designed for all staff members responsible for, or involved in project risk management, e.g.

  • project managers and project leaders
  • project planners and scheduling staff
  • project risk management staff
  • production and operations engineers


Delegates will develop advanced project management skills and knowledge through formal and interactive learning methods. The program includes individual exercises, team projects, applicable case studies, group discussions and video material that will bring to life the skills acquired throughout the course.

The material has been designed to enable delegates to apply all of the material with immediate effect at the office.

Additionally, the seminar does not assume prior knowledge of the topics covered in the course. New concepts and tools are introduced gradually to enable delegates to progress from the fundamental to the advanced concepts of project risk management.

Pre & Post course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training.


Module 1 -Strategic Project Assessment & Selection

  • Description:

    On Day One the course examines the corporate strategic processes and goals, and deals with the processes involved.

  • KeyTopics:

    • Corporate Strategy and Organizational Projects
    • Setting the Stage for Project Alignment with Strategy
    • Developing a Strategic Management Plan
      • The Strategic Management Process
    • Environmental Analysis and Portfolio Development
      • The Aggregate Strategic Project Plan
    • Objective Directed PM Process
    • Project Management Definitions
      • Project Classification
      • Characteristics of a Project
      • The Project Life Cycle
      • Project Development Life Cycle
    • The Project Process Model
    • Knowledge Areas & Project Process Flow
    • The Triple Constraint

    Technical Evaluation Analysis

    • Key issues in project analysis
      • Market analysis – supply and demand
      • Technical analysis – technical viability
      • Financial analysis – financial viability
      • Economic analysis – social cost-benefit
      • Environmental analysis
      • Risk analysis – levels of risk associated with the project
    • Analysis of technical and engineering aspects
      • Technical viability
      • Location
      • Process, equipment, methods, procedures
      • Size – the optimal scale of operation
    • Environmental analysis
      • Consideration of environmental aspects
      • Applicable regulations and specifications
      • Due diligence

Module 2 - Project Program Structures, Systems, and Processes

  • Description:

    On Day Two the course examines requirements for project program management within the organization as a whole.

  • KeyTopics:

    • Developing Strategic Business Criteria for Project Evaluation
    • Linking Business Strategy and Multiple Projects
      • Establishing Weighted Scoring Models
      • Integrated Enterprise Project Planning and Management Cycle (IPPMC)
    • Program Management and Portfolio Management
    • Program Management and Project Management
    • Program Management in Organisational Planning
    • Program Governance
    • The Program Life-Cycle
      • Benefits Management
      • Stakeholder Management
      • Program Governance through Phase-Gate Reviews
    • Progra