Risk Management, Control & Compliance (RMCC)

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Risk Management, Control & Compliance are essential components of corporate governance, promoting transparency, accountability, integrity, and sustainability across all levels of the organization. By prioritizing these aspects, companies can effectively manage risks, protect stakeholders’ interests, and maintain trust and confidence in their operations. We cannot eliminate risk, but our challenge is to identify the right risk to take and to minimize its potential negative impact.

This Risk Management, Control & Compliance training course will show you how to analyze and minimize risk; turn risk into opportunity; and manage uncertainty. This training course is structured around the ISO 31000:2018 framework, principles, and processes. It will also demonstrate how to develop internal control mechanisms and explain how to measure risk in terms of probability and potential impact while ensuring that the organization complies with increasingly strict international standards of corporate governance.


At the end of this “Risk Management, Control & Compliance Program”, delegates will:

  • Understand risk management and its application within an organization.
  • Identify, evaluate, and control risk in the strategy and operations of your organization.
  • Design and implement an effective risk management process.
  • Ensure that your organization can meet the rising standards of corporate governance.
  • Communicate the characteristics of effective risk management to your teams.


This “Risk Management, Control & Compliance Program” is useful for various professionals including:

  • Strategic and Operational Planners
  • Financial Managers
  • Human Resource Specialists
  • Systems and Process Design Specialists
  • Marketing and Commercial Managers


This highly practical and results-oriented “Risk Management, Control & Compliance Program” is based on the adult learning concept. The facilitator will give plenty of input and then help participants to make sense of the themes through discussion and practice. It incorporates short inspiring demonstrations, role play, and practice to enhance learning. There will be ample time for Q&A, and discussions with ‘return to work’ action planning. The program will reinforce key concepts within an inspiring and engaging learning environment.

Pre & Post course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training.


Module 1 - Understanding Risk Management – Context and Application

  • KeyTopics:

    • Creating a Robust Strategy – The foundation of your business
    • Understanding the Difference between Strategic and Operational Risk
    • Risk and Uncertainty: The Difference Between the Two Terms
    • Risk Aversion and Risk Tolerance – Project Selection and Prioritisation
    • Using Quantitative and Qualitative Techniques in Assessing Risk
    • The Concept of the Risk Management Cycle and How This Works

Module 2 - Identifying and Evaluating Risk

  • KeyTopics:

    • The Principal Drivers of Risk in Contemporary Business
    • Assessing the Most Significant Categories of Risk for Business
    • Global Processes, Guidelines, and Standards in Risk Assessment
    • The Relevance of ISO and the Professional Institutions
    • Application of the Main Tools and Techniques in Managing Risk and Uncertainty
    • Optimizing a Risk Management Process

Module 3 - Understanding and Managing Specific Types of Risk (I)

  • KeyTopics:

    • Strategic Risk – Deciding on the programme/project mix
    • Incorporating Risk Analysis into Business Development Decisions
    • Contingency Planning and Understanding Risk Exposure
    • Operational Risk – Coping with variance and divergence from plan
    • Managing Complexity in Contemporary Business Structures
    • Managing Risk Associated with Alliances and Joint Ventures

Module 4 - Understanding and Managing Specific Types of Risk (II)

  • KeyTopics:

    • Financial Risk – Capital market dynamics, exchange rate exposure
    • Risks Associated with Different Forms of Corporate Capital Structure
    • Risks Associated with Management of Cash Flow / Credit
    • Legal Risk – The Requirements of Corporate Governance
    • Risks Associated with Intellectual Property Law
    • Product Liability / Litigation / Reputational Risk

Module 5 - Embedding Risk Management into the Corporate Culture

  • KeyTopics:

    • Latest Developments in the Field of Risk Management
    • A Structured Approach to Implementing Risk Management
    • Designing / Developing a Risk Management Process for Your Own Organization.
    • Implementing and Embedding a Risk Management Culture in Your Organization.

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