Retail Customer Experience Best Practices

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Exceptional customer experience cannot be achieved and sustained without firstly focusing on the right Customer Service Mindset. This course introduces the basic concepts of extraordinary customer experience and dives into effective customer service techniques and practices. You will understand proper communication methods and understand different types of customer behaviour and buying decisions. It will also address the best practices of retail sales, including exploring the related Psychology and how to deal with different customer categories and situations, mainly the difficult ones. The audience will also go through details on how to master storytelling and effectively develop and analyze customer journeys while aiming at customer loyalty and intimacy.

Delegates will learn about the Principles of Customer experience, consider this in a professional caring environment and learn how to build solid relationships with customers. Superb service is delivered by people to people – even in this age of high technology. All delegates will leave the course with a challenging but realistic plan to significantly improve customer service delivery in their own area. This highly motivating and engaging course, Retail Customer Experience, explores this fascinating subject from the ground up, taking us to the highest levels of customer loyalty.


Participants in the training course will achieve the skills in:

  • Building impressing customer first impression
  • Identifying customer behavior and needs
  • Ensuring effective customer communication
  • Developing a concrete storytelling
  • Mastering key retail sales skills
  • Handling difficult situations with customers
  • Maintaining long-term customer intimacy
  • Developing and analyzing concrete customer journey
  • Mastering the positive moment of truth
  • Ensuring exceptional customer loyalty
  • Mastering after-sales services


The Retail Customer Experience Management program is designed for all those who wish to drive improvements in their customer experience management skills. This course is suitable for anyone working in a retail customer service role, including the following positions.

  • Sales and customer service representatives of the retail industry
  • Trainees in the retail industry
  • Managers of Retail teams
  • Retail Staff and Customer-facing Team-members


This practical and results-oriented course is designed based on adult learning concepts. There will be highly motivating presentations together with videos and case studies to enhance learning. Discussions, skills practice and group work will allow delegates to get fully involved, participate, experience, and understand the practical implications. The facilitator will give plenty of input and then help participants to make sense of the themes through discussion and practice. It incorporates short inspiring demonstrations, role play, and much practice to enhance learning. There will be ample time for Q&A and discussions with ‘return to work’ action planning. The course will reinforce key concepts within an inspiring and engaging learning environment.

Pre & Post course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training.


Module 1 - Creating a Top-Notch Customer Experience

  • KeyTopics:

    • Give your customers good feelings
    • A human connection
    • What is an excellent customer experience?
    • Creating an amazing customer experience
    • How does your customer feel about their experience?
    • The customer experience is in what the person buys

Module 2 - Customer Behaviors and Buying Decisions

  • KeyTopics:

    • Analysis of Customer Needs and Interests
    • Listening to Customers and Confirming Their Needs
    • Understanding consumer behavior and how to use it to your advantage as a retail worker.
    • Issues related to consumer behavior such as out-of-stock products and labeling
    • How to identify and address customers’ essential needs?

Module 3 - Communication Skills in Handling Customers

  • KeyTopics:

    • How to start talking to customers?
    • Body Language and active listening skills
    • Active listening & Probing questions.
    • See the situation from your customer’s point of view
    • Create a constructive greeting.
    • Construct a positive dialogue.
    • Get customer feedback
    • Develop rapport.

Module 4 - Retail Sales Best Practices

  • KeyTopics:

    • The mission of a retail salesperson
    • Implement improvements one step at a time
    • Cross-Selling & Upselling
    • The Power of ‘Yes’ when selling
    • Knowing when the time is right
    • 3 closing techniques
    • Retail factors that impact sales
    • When and when not to discount.
    • Minimising/Negating discounting
    • How to handle people shopping on price

Module 5 - Handling Difficult Situations with The Customer

  • KeyTopics:

    • Advanced techniques and strategies for dealing with unhappy customers
    • Advanced strategies for turning upset customers around.
    • How to de-escalate the situation when dealing with angry customers and establish some common ground with them.
    • Personal development strategies for dealing with stress and emotions at work.
    • How to deal with a range of difficult scenarios within a retail environment
    • Addressing Customer Complaints, Exchanges, and Returns
    • The excellent 6-step technique that negates the opposition and maintains your professionalism
    • Overcoming Objections
    • Handling complaints

Module 6 - Customer Journey & Loyalty

  • KeyTopics:

    • What makes a customer loyal?
    • Why bother with journey mapping?
    • Define the scope of your customer journey map
    • Bring data and metrics into your customer journey map
    • Validate your customer journey map with customers
    • Taking action on customer pain points
    • Effect of after-sales services on customer loyalty
    • The Customer Loyalty Life Cycle

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