Reduce Stress with Effective Time & Task Management

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As the pace of business change quickens it becomes even more essential to reduce stress and operate with heightened awareness, vitality and enthusiasm. Stress affects everything we experience and most people are generally unaware of the skills and strategies to manage stress and pressure at work. Increased responsibility and pressure can lead to unprecedented levels of stress in the workplace, affecting performance at the office and health and happiness at home. As the cost of stress to the employer continues to grow internationally, organizations must recognize stress in their employees and train managers to better manage stress productively.

Handling stress and providing employees with the skills to enable them to successfully plan and organize their time are key competences that participants will learn to use daily and will impact their personal working style. Time management lies at the heart of personal and team/organizational effectiveness. This course will help those attending to manage their own time more effectively thus creating a time sensitive awareness that will enhance their efficiency and productivity.


The important features of the Time & Task Management for Stress Reduction training course are:

  • Specific techniques for stress reduction and productivity enhancement
  • Simple but effective approach to managing time and task superbly
  • Tips for personal & organizational effectiveness
  • Early detection and reduction of stress


Participants in the Time & Task Management for Stress Reduction training course will be able to:

  • Identify and reduce stress in themselves and others.
  • Change the way they think about stress
  • Take charge of their state of mind
  • Have a positive impact on individual and team performance
  • Maximise performance and motivation at work
  • Understand the pillars of time management
  • Application of work planning and time management
  • Improve health and happiness


  • All professionals & supervisors
  • Employees from all departments
  • Anyone who has to manage stress and pressure at work, meet deadlines and deliver results


The Time & Task Management for Stress Reduction training course will be presented using a combination of lecture, practical/hands on approach such as role plays, case studies, presentation, and video.

Pre & Post course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training.


Module 1 - Understanding Stress and its Causes

  • Description:

    We look at what causes stress and how we can handle it better

  • KeyTopics:

    • Understanding the relationship between stress and pressure
    • Recognizing stress management as an essential management skill
    • Pressure and performance – productive and unproductive levels of pressure
    • Stress in the mind and body
    • How the mind and body work
    • How the power of the mind can be used to reduce or eliminate stress

Module 2 - Different Stress and Behavioural Patterns

  • Description:

    We look at how stress impacts our behaviors

  • KeyTopics:

    • The interrelation between behavior and stress and how our conscious and sub-conscious thinking affects behaviour
    • Developing self-assertiveness to achieve greater control over stress
    • Improving your communication skills to manage stress: recognize your individual stress response
    • The major causes of stress at work and at home
    • How to develop habits to overcome stress
    • When stress aids performance and when stress detracts from performance

Module 3 - Relaxation Techniques, Improving Your Work Style

  • Description:

    We look at what how to handle stress

  • KeyTopics:

    • Building relaxation into your day
    • Simple 5-minute stress reduction techniques
    • Long term de-stress techniques
    • Improving your concentration and controlling your stamina and energy levels
    • Introduction to time management strategies to undermine stress

Module 4 - What is Time Management?

  • Description:

    We look at time management pitfalls to avoid when planning and managing priorities

  • KeyTopics:

    • Defining time management
    • Concrete objectives (and becoming proactive)
    • Delegation
    • The four pillars of time management
    • Urgent and important
    • Work planning and setting priorities

Module 5 - Applying Time & Task Management

  • Description:

    We look at practical time management tips that can be implemented immediately

  • KeyTopics:

    • Managing information
    • Using a diary
    • To do lists
    • Managing/attending meetings
    • Managing the workload
    • Eight tips for great time management and stopping time stealers

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