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London - UK , 20240722 22 - Jul - 2024 5 - Day $5,950 Register
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Public Relations (PR) and Communications should be at the heart of business performance. Modern communications methods, tools and channels have greatly increased its power. This lively and challenging course is focused on developing skills and competence to effectively practice PR and communications in today’s organizational environment. Public relations and communications campaigns can help drive strategic organizational change, build in house/public perceptions and drive reputation. Well planned and executed PR and communication campaigns can be a cost-effective means of increasing stakeholder value that when aligned with core business priorities must reinforce an organization’s vision, values and strategies.


By attending this highly interactive programme delegates will gain:

  • The skills to design, plan, write, cost, deliver and evaluate PR and communications campaigns using the full range of marketing channels
  • The skills of PR and communications management and how to demonstrate they benefit your organization
  • The latest tools and techniques of effective PR and communications practice
  • The ability to create PR and communications campaigns that align with your business objectives
  • How to examine a variety of successful PR and communications campaigns to demonstrate success to your business management


The course is designed for PR and Communications practitioners who want to update their skills. Newcomers to PR, media or communications professionals or managers would also benefit.


This practical and results-oriented course is based on adult learning concept. It incorporates short inspiring lectures; structured role plays and discussions with action planning. There’s ample time for Q&A.

Pre & Post course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training.


Module 1 - Public Relations and Communication Skills

  • KeyTopics:

    • The place for PR and communications in business today
    • PR’s relationship with stakeholders
    • Effective campaigns – their use and their risks using case examples. What works and what doesn’t?
    • Introduction to the range of (social) media communications channels and how they’re transforming PR and communications
    • Designing a PR Communications campaign

Module 2 - From Theory to Successful Practice

  • KeyTopics:

    • PR communications models: implications for practice and their influence on presentation style and persuasion
    • Promoting your organization’s values in your PR communications
    • Accepting and interpreting a PR and Communications brief from management
    • The medium is the message – choosing the best channels for each stakeholder
    • Deciding your PR Communications objectives and outcomes

Module 3 - Planning and Costing PR and Communication Campaigns

  • KeyTopics:

    • Identifying the schedule stages of the campaign and decision points
    • Costing the plan
    • Co-ordinating campaign elements across stakeholder groups
    • Principles of PR communications evaluation and using measurement to improve performance
    • Practice case-studies

Module 4 - Crisis PR and Communications

  • KeyTopics:

    • Crisis PR communication and reputation management
    • Handling media demands and queries
    • Identifying and involving key in-house players and preparing them
    • Roles, Responsibilities for everyone involved in crisis PR
    • Practice case-studies

Module 5 - Implementing PR and Communications in Impacting Organizational Culture and Reputation

  • KeyTopics:

    • The role of PR in creating value and impacting performance – but what does this mean?
    • Methods for creating positive employee/stakeholder relations
    • What PR practitioners need to know
    • Creating a partnership with management that turns PR Communications strategies into desired results
    • Examples of common PR Communication errors

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