Project Procurement, Contracting and Tendering

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Employing the services of suppliers, contractors and consultants is a vital element of most large projects. Sourcing the best qualified external parties – contractors, suppliers, and consultants – to work on your project, remains one of the most critical elements of a successful project. This process starts with a well-managed tendering process based on advanced selection criteria and methods that will ensure that only the best in the business is selected for your company.

Following the award of the contract, the contractual relationships between project owners and their suppliers, contractors, and consultants, must be clearly defined and well-documented to enable the parties to perform according to the terms of the contract and to provide adequate protection against non-performance by either party.

This training programme provides a systematic approach to the planning, development, negotiation and formulation of effective contracts and highlights the critical activities to be performed during the Pre-Award, Award, and Post-Award stages of the tendering and contracting processes.

During this 5-day course on Project Procurement, Contracting, and Tendering, delegates will learn how to manage and implement:

  • the supplier sourcing and tendering processes
  • perform informed and detailed contract evaluations
  • administer the contract award process, and
  • develop the project contract to ensure compliance with contract terms and conditions and avoid cost overruns and late delivery.


By attending this course, delegates will learn how to:

  • apply the fundamentals of contract law
  • develop a systematic process and criteria for the selection of suppliers, contractors, and consultants
  • develop the contract to fairly and equitably distribute risk
  • understand the bidding/tendering and contract award processes
  • select and administer the most appropriate contract type for the project
  • develop the necessary negotiation skills to successfully negotiate contract terms and conditions


The Project Procurement, Contracting, and Tendering training course is designed for:

  • project and procurement staff
  • contract managers
  • buyers, purchasing staff
  • construction managers, and
  • other staff requiring the skills to face the challenges involved in major contracting and subcontracting activities.


The programme includes team activities, applicable case studies, group discussion, and critical analysis of video material based on actual projects.

The seminar does not assume any prior knowledge of the topics covered in the course. New concepts and tools are introduced gradually to enable delegates to progress from the fundamental to the advanced concepts of project procurement, contracting, and tendering.

Pre & Post-course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training.


Module 1 - Fundamental Principles of Contracting and Contract Law

  • Description:

    The fundamentals of contracting and contract law and examine some of the important conditions of legal contracts.

  • KeyTopics:

      • Description of a Contract
        • Definition – What is a Contract?
        • Contract Types and Risk
      • Risk Management Process
      • Legal Obligation to Perform
      • Primary Contractual Elements
      • Project Procurement Processes
      • Procurement and the Project Life-Cycle
        • Contract Formation Processes
      • Fundamental Contracting Perspectives – Risk and Price
      • Primary Project Success Factors
      • Fundamentals of Contract Law
      • Contractual Legality – Fundamental Elements
      • Basic Conditions of Contracting
        • Offer & Counteroffer
        • Acceptance
        • Competent Parties
        • Agency & Authority
      • General Conditions and Layout of Contract
      • Contract Documents, Administration and Close-Out

Module 2 - Contract Terms and Conditions & Tendering Processes

  • Description:

    Essential terms and conditions that should be included in all contracts, as well as the various tendering processes.

  • KeyTopics:

      • Conditions of Contract
      • Primary Clauses for Consideration
        • Forbearance and Waiver
        • Liquidated Damages
        • Force Majeure
        • Warranties & Warranty Period
        • Changes, Variations, Claims, and Disputes
        • Acceptance and Rejection
      • Contract Performance and Termination
      • Dispute Resolution
      • Supplier Sourcing, Contract Award, and Administration
      • Pre-Award Stage
        • Typical Bid Processes
        • Procurement/Bidding Documents
        • Competitive Bidding or proposals
      • Award Stage
        • Competitive Bids
        • Competitive Proposals and Negotiations
        • Non-Competitive Methods
        • Single and Sole Source Negotiations
        • Consultant Selection – Two-step Selection Process
        • Contractor Selection
        • Selection Criteria and Award
      • Post-Award Stage
        • Bid Opening and Evaluation
      • Contract Execution
      • Contract Administration
      • Key Project Analysis Issues

Module 3 - Contract Types and Compensation

  • Description:

    The range of typical contracting and compensation arrangements to enable delegates to select the most appropriate contracting arrangement for the work to be done.

  • KeyTopics:

      • The Pricing Arrangement
        • Pricing Strategies
        • Costs to Provide Engineering Services
          • Salary Costs
          • Payroll Burden
          • Other Direct Costs
          • General Overhead
        • Salary Cost with Multiplier
      • Fixed Price contracts
        • Firm fixed price
        • Fixed price with economic price adjustment
        • Unit price contracts
        • Unit price with escalation
        • Fixed price with redetermination
        • Time and material
      • Cost-Plus contracts
        • Cost-sharing
        • Cost reimbursement
        • Cost-plus award fee
        • Cost-plus fixed fee
        • Cost-plus percentage of the cost
      • Incentive contracts
      • Fixed Price Incentive
      • Cost Plus Incentive

Module 4 - Contract Negotiation Strategy

  • Description:

    The elements of the negotiation process, the various stages of negotiation, the sources of power during negotiation and the negotiation preparation process.

  • KeyTopics:

      • The Ability to Influence
      • Dealing with Conflict
      • Primary Negotiation Styles
      • Power and Negotiation
        • Eight Bases of Power to Influence
      • Stages of Negotiation
      • Preparation for Negotiation
        • Identifying Issues/interests
        • Financial/Commercial/Cost Issues
        • Price, Payment, Delivery Issues
        • Schedule Issues
        • Technical Issues
        • Safety Issues
        • Three Positions for Negotiation
        • BATNA (Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement)
        • Influencing and Making Concessions
        • Strategy and Tactics
      • Preparation – A Systematic Process
      • The Negotiation Plan

Module 5 - Aligning Incentive Contracts with Earned Value Management

  • Description:

    The relationship between the contract and the work to be performed and how to monitor project progress and costs against the conditions of the contract.

  • KeyTopics:

      • Earned Value Control Process
      • Progress Control Charts – Trend Analysis
      • Schedule and Cost Variance Forecasting
        • Schedule Variance (SV)
        • Cost Variance (CV)
        • Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
        • SPI Run Chart
        • Cost Performance Index (CPI)
        • CPI Run Chart
      • Estimated Cost at Completion
      • Estimated Duration at Completion
      • Progress Tracking and Monitoring

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