Management & Leadership Skills for the Supervisor/New Manager

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There is often a difference made between managing and leading. However, all managers who wish to be effective should practice leadership skills to inspire their employees, maintain a positive work environment, and ensure company productivity. To be a successful manager and leader, there are many skills that you will have to master and qualities you will need to develop.

This training course provides an understanding of the necessary skills for effective management and leadership, such as proactive planning, understanding of customer relations, effective time management, proper communication and understanding human interaction, helping potential future leaders and employees know how to use productive leadership and management techniques.


The important features of Management & Leadership Skills for the Supervisor/New Manager training course are:

  • Choose the right and practical management track
  • Make higher quality decisions
  • Develop positive inter-personal techniques for better people relationship
  • Extend the circle of influence; create a strong bridge of internal boundaries
  • Become more creative


Participants on the Management & Leadership Skills for the Supervisor/New Manager training course will be able to:

  • Understand key leadership and management skills
  • Understand and develop skills necessary for new leader
  • Define and select the personal leadership styles
  • View leadership from different perspectives
  • How to lead and be “in charge” of different personalities, attitudes, performers, and contributors
  • Manage and motivate people for effective accomplishment
  • Manage and influence peers
  • Select when and which to apply problem-solving and creative thinking techniques to apply
  • Manage small or large groups, project teams, and complex assignments
  • Deal with conflict, ways to manage interpersonal issues and disagreement


Management & Leadership Skills for the Supervisor/New Manager training course is designed for:

  • Professionals who are relatively new to supervision, team leadership, and management
  • Established supervisors who have not had formal supervisory training
  • Team Leaders who wish to increase their effectiveness
  • Those who wish to refresh and develop their team leadership and management skills


The Mastering People Management & Team Leadership training course uses a range of approaches to learning, including experiential group activities, individual exercises, mini-case studies, role plays and syndicate discussions. Formal inputs are used to introduce underpinning theory. A key part of the learning process is sharing the differing experiences participants bring, as well as experimenting with the novel – and sometimes challenging – techniques.

Pre & Post course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training.


Module 1 - Introduction to Leadership Effectiveness

  • Description:

    The course will cover leadership approaches/styles and how they interact and influence people, and leadership effectiveness in managing time and priorities

  • KeyTopics:

    • Leadership
      • What is leadership and why it is important?
      • Leadership Approaches/Styles and competencies
      • Case Exercise on application of leadership styles
      • Guidelines to application
    • Time Management
      • Why is there unequal results and efficiency despite the fact that all of us have the same quantity of time?
      • Definition of Urgent and Important
      • Time Management matrix
      • How to be productive compared to others
      • Case discussion on Prioritization
      • Practical Sharing session

Module2 - Communication and Team Performance

  • Description:

    The course will cover practical tools to improve communications, team selection, and distinguish the differences in delegation and empowerment along with application

  • KeyTopics:

    • Building High-Performance Team
      • Definition and case: Game Theory
      • What is a Team?
      • How to select the best team to achieve optimal performance
      • Workshop Application
    • Productive Communication Techniques
      • Introductory exercise: the “Dream”
      • Definition and example: Content, Context, transmitting and receiving
      • Tools to avoid Common pitfalls of poor communication
      • Giving Directions
      • How to provide effective directions
      • The SMART approach
      • Follow up: trust but verify
    • Increasing Commitment and Engagement to Improve Team Effectiveness
      • Case analysis of ownership
      • Why is empowerment important?
      • Real world cases and application
      • Importance of delegation
      • How to delegate?
      • Things which you should not delegate

Module 3 - Motivation and Creative Thinking

  • Description:

    The course will cover why people behave the ways they do, what can be done about it. Also touched on in details will be practical tools and workshop on creativity

  • KeyTopics:

    • Improving Team motivation and Managing Difficult Staff
      • Why do people behave the way they do?
      • Can behavior be managed?
      • How to manage motivation, change behavior and enhance performance
    • Problem-Solving and Thinking Creatively
      • Japan vs USA
      • Exercises: 9 dots and Smoke tricks
      • Techniques to think out of the box and application

Module 4 -How to Influence others towards Achieving Goals and Targets

  • Description:

    The course will cover specific details and goal setting, key performance indicators, and how to influence others to achieve these goals.

  • KeyTopics:

    • Goals setting, planning and Performance Management
      • Goals and results driven
      • KPI and to apply it properly
      • Goal setting and Parkinson Principle
      • Improvement plans to accomplish work and improve performance
    • How to Influencing peers and others
      • Definition of power and influence
      • Stakeholder’s analysis
      • Case study plus application

Module 5 -How to Handle Change and Conflict

  • Description:

    The course will cover the fact that not everyone welcomes improvement, and hence managing change from status quo and conflict are key deliverables.

  • KeyTopics:

    • Managing Change: taking responsibility for leading change
      • Why people resist change and what do with it?
      • Ability to establish comfort zone to work with others, solve problems and drive results
      • Practice and application
    • Conflict Management
      • Definition of conflict
      • Why does conflict happen?
      • What are the consequences of conflict?
      • How to manage conflict? Models of Conflict Management
      • Types of managerial actions that can cause conflicts

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