Maintenance Management & Technology Best Practices

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Cost-effective maintenance doesn’t happen by chance – it has to be well planned, and this requires a strategy that is constantly kept up to date. Leading industrial organizations are evolving away from reactive (“fix-it-when-it-breaks”) management into predictive and productive management (“anticipating, planning, and fix-it-before-it-breaks”).

The Maintenance Management & Technology Best Practices training course is an in-depth treatment of the major factors that have to be considered in order to produce a tailored maintenance strategy and the pitfalls to be avoided. A well-proven model for developing a maintenance strategy is introduced, and examples are then presented showing how this model can be applied successfully to a variety of industries.

The training course will impart an understanding of how technology can be applied as part of a broad systematic approach to proactively managing and improving maintenance.


The important features of the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) training course are:

  • Evolution of Maintenance
  • Background on RCM
  • Classifications of Maintenance
  • RCM Process Framework


Upon attendance to the Maintenance Management & Technology Best Practices training course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply basic analytical techniques which have proved valuable in solving practical maintenance problems
  • Focus on critical equipment, analyzing failure data, system availability assessment
  • Understand principles & techniques (object setting, organizational modeling, work measurement, etc.)
  • Discriminate between modern condition monitoring techniques
  • Develop a logical approach to the formulation of a Maintenance Strategy
  • Optimize preventive and predictive maintenance strategies


The Maintenance Management & Technology Best Practices training course is beneficial to anyone who has an interest in ensuring high equipment reliability. The target audience includes:

  • Maintenance Engineers/Supervisors
  • Production Managers/Superintendents
  • Design Engineers, who would like to develop a new maintenance strategy or review an existing one


The Maintenance Management & Technology Best Practices training course will be conducted as a highly interactive work session, encouraging participants to share their own experiences and apply the course material to real-life situations. To ensure the concepts introduced during the training course are understood, they will be reinforced through a mix of learning methods, including lecture-style presentation, open discussion, case studies, simulations and group work.

Pre & Post course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training.


Module 1 - Introduction to Maintenance Management

  • KeyTopics:

    • Financial impact of maintenance
    • Importance of a strategy
    • Efficiency & effectiveness
    • Operating expenditure
    • Capital expenditure
    • Key performance indicators

Module 2 - Maintenance Strategy & Policies

  • KeyTopics:

    • Strategy review process
    • Maintenance objectives
    • Criticality
    • Equipment failure patterns
    • Maintenance task selection

Module 3 - Maintenance Organisation

  • KeyTopics:

    • Organisational requirements
    • Types of maintenance organisation
    • Influences on organisations
    • Leadership styles
    • Change management
    • Knowledge management

Module 4 - Maintenance Technology

  • KeyTopics:

    • Computer maintenance management systems
    • Reliability modeling systems
    • Spare parts assessment
    • Correct set up of a computer maintenance system
    • Safe working systems
    • Effective control of work

Module 5 -Continuous Improvement

  • KeyTopics:

    • Controlling plant reliability
    • Auditing & benchmarking
    • Improvement process
    • Improvement tools

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