Facilities Management Strategy Masterclass

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Facilities Managers can influence how an organizations operating costs can be reduced while its productivity is increased. It is essential to ensure that all the different buildings and services of a company work as efficiently as possible. Facilities management is the total management of all services that support the core business of the organization and good facilities management makes a huge difference to the efficiency and productivity of a business, its staff and even its clients.

Our course will equip you to recognize the factors that influence property choice, nature of tenure and acquisition and disposal of the corporate real estate. This includes the cost implications of the property life cycle and the consideration of liabilities and legal issues. You will also be able to apply the techniques you learn to improve workplace productivity, sustainability, communication and the overall competitive strategy of an organization.


Participants in the Facilities Management Strategy Masterclass training course will be able to:

  • Articulate and interpret the role of CRE and FM in the overall competitive strategy of the organization in the context of when, where, what type and on what terms real estate services will be demanded
  • Critically consider the aims of the corporate real estate and facilities manager in managing the property of an organization in supporting organizational productivity and hence profitability
  • Apply the methodologies available for ensuring organizational efficiency and effectiveness in terms of cost, process, and performance
  • Recognize and analyze the various factors that influence the choice of a property for the business to occupy and the nature of the tenure
  • Critically evaluate the issues in acquiring and disposing of operational property
  • Use whole life economics as the basis for informed decision-making in the property lifecycle
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the vital role that management of facilities has for improved sustainable performance
  • Recognize the impact of the workplace on organizational productivity
  • Appreciate of how Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management needs to change to meet the challenges posed by IT convergence, sustainability, new methods of working and increased regulation.


This programme will support any member working within the facilities management field as well as those who manage their own business facilities. It is suitable for facilities managers, property managers, asset managers, project managers, accommodation managers and all those who want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the corporate real estate facilities management services that they are responsible for providing and managing.


This highly practical and results-oriented training programme is based on adult learning concept i.e. it is participatory and experiential involving some theoretical insight, some awareness building and a lot of role play skill practice and subject matter games and activities in a group setting. Incorporating short inspiring lectures with structured role plays that demonstrate application skills. Ongoing discussions with action planning that includes ample time for Q&A.

Pre & Post course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training.


Module 1 - Strategic Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management Life Cycles

  • KeyTopics:

    • An introduction to strategic facilities management
    • Strategic concepts and corporate facilities management strategies
    • Evaluate the issues in acquiring and disposing of operational property
    • Key legal issues of freehold and leasehold real estate
    • The major causes of a lease and how they impact on the occupation of property
    • Corporate Real Estate and choice of properties

Module 2 -Facilities Management and Procurement

  • KeyTopics:

    • An effective 7-step procurement process
    • Risks and Mitigation Techniques
    • Facilities Management delivery models and service delivery differences for each
    • Stakeholder communication
    • Managing the FM Procurement Cycle

Module 3 - The Facilities Manager and Compliance Legislation

  • KeyTopics:

    • Overview of compliance legislation
    • Identification of different situations e.g. owners/ occupiers
    • Responsibilities in compliance management and where they lie
    • Common issues in stakeholder knowledge
    • Best practice steps for mitigating compliance risk amongst stakeholders

Module 4 - The Workplace and Facilities Support Services

  • KeyTopics:

    • The role of the workplace in organizational productivity
    • The changing world of work and defining workstation utilization
    • Apply successful transformation methods
    • Defining operational management, including input vs output specifications
    • Different types maintenance management required by facilities management professionals
    • How to measure and review performance against a benchmarking framework
    • Analysing the risks within a facilities management role

Module 5 - Management Information Systems

  • KeyTopics:

    • Utilizing building automation including an introduction to intelligent buildings
    • Computer-aided facilities management (CAFM)
    • Different types of CAFM to support facilities management performance
    • Programme summary
    • Action planning for the return to work

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