Law Firm Partner Development Program – Level 2

Enhance Your Contribution to The Partnership

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Online - Virtual , 20240822 22 - Aug - 2024 1.5 Hrs X 7 Sessions $2,700 Register
Online - Virtual , 20241108 08 - Nov - 2024 1.5 Hrs X 7 Sessions $2,700 Register


This program is designed to enable partners to develop their awareness and capability as leaders who exert an influence on the firm’s current and future growth and culture. The program helps partners to articulate the nature and importance of this influence from a business point of view, and to develop further their skills in relation to it and to the published A&O Framework of Partner Performance.

Designed by lawyers for law firms and in-house legal departments, this is an interactive online group course of seven sessions of 1.5 hours each week and one optional 1:1 60-minute coaching session within one month after session 7.


This course is tailor-made for partners to develop their awareness and capability as practice managers to whom associates look for leadership. The program helps partners to articulate the nature and importance of the wider responsibilities of partnership from a business point of view, and to develop further their leadership skills in relation to it and to Magic and Silver Circle published Frameworks of Partner Performance. Additional program objectives include:

  • Awareness-raising of partners’ wider responsibilities concerning future growth and culture
  • Articulation of partners’ individual development objectives and connection of these to the pre-planned program
  • Exploration of different leadership styles and their impact on culture
  • Self-analysis of own current leadership style
  • Skills development of visionary/authoritative, democratic, and coaching leadership styles
  • Analysis of time usage and management in relation to leadership responsibilities
  • Creating and implementing a business development strategy
  • Managing the quality of the overall client experience, on-deal, and off-deal
  • Advanced communication skills for managing specific client interactions
  • Partner relations: building internal relationships and managing conflict and confrontation
  • Managing the future: consolidating key insights and planning their implementation and support


Partner Development 2 is for partners of 4+ years’ experience who wish to explore issues of common interest and to review and further develop their leadership and practice-building capabilities as well as their wider contribution to the partnership. The content is designed to avoid any need to disclose confidential information.                                                                       


This online program is highly flexible and will be created to match your own pace and working style. This course allows you to participate without the need for travel. It uses the latest online technology. Full instructions will be given to facilitate easy access. You will receive PowerPoint slides and a recording of each session. Each session is available to download for one month after the original session. Once downloaded, however, you can keep and review the content, at your leisure, as often as you like.


This program is led by Niall Foster, a highly experienced professional skills trainer, well versed in the ways of online group work. At each session, Niall will be joined by contributors who will add their perspectives and experience.


Session 1 - Partners’ Leadership Styles and the Firm’s Culture

  • KeyTopics:

    • Understanding the components of organizational climate and how they impact commercial success
    • An exploration of the components and characteristics of different leadership styles, including coercive, pace setting, affiliative, visionary/authoritative, democratic, and coaching styles, and how they impact culture and climate
    • Time usage and the Partner responsibilities

Session 2 - Developing a Coaching Style of Leadership

  • KeyTopics:

    • Blending the different styles of leadership for creativity and innovation
    • Lifting the coachee’s thinking from tactical to strategic
    • Applying coaching approaches as part of a broader leadership style, whether or not in the context of a designated “coaching” session

Session 3 - Building and Maintaining Stronger Client Relationships 1

  • KeyTopics:

    • Creating differentiation in existing and new client relationships
    • Differentiating your firm through the quality of the conduct and management of initial meetings
    • Applying coaching approaches to enhance client relationships using consultative selling techniques and fee negotiation

Session 4 - Building and Maintaining Stronger Client Relationships 2

  • KeyTopics:

    • Responding strategically to a new client instruction
    • Setting and managing client expectations to protect the Firm’s reputation
    • Managing learning and improvement through client work

Session 5 – Creativity & Innovation

  • KeyTopics:

    • Formulating the issue/question requiring creativity/innovation
    • Managing the generation of new ideas
    • Selecting and developing ideas to produce innovation

Session 6 - Building Stronger Partner Relations 1

  • KeyTopics:

    • Apply strategic thinking techniques to the development of partner relations within a practice area or office
    • Assess the quality of current partner relations and meetings in the context of wider cultural development
    • Generate a vision of improvement potential

Session 7 - Building Stronger Partner Relations 2

  • KeyTopics:

    • Managing conflict with other Partners
    • Positively influence fellow partners to attend to and manage cultural and other issues towards which they are currently passive
    • Assess the main leadership and cultural enhancements needed across your firm and in the practice areas and deciding recommendations you will make

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