Essentials of Management & Leadership

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Many organizations are suffering from widespread dissatisfaction in a workforce where those who can get up and leave do so while the mediocre remain. Those who are in first-line or middle management are key. The talented employee may join a company because of its charismatic leaders, its generous benefits, and its worldwide training programmes, but how long that employee stays and how productive he depends on the immediate superior. Companies need first-line and middle management to motivate, communicate and build relationships effectively.

This training course offers a comprehensive overview of good management and leadership practice. Participants get the opportunity to develop the awareness, understanding, knowledge, and skills which will enable them to maximize their performance and success in manage and lead a high-performance team in demanding business environment.


  • Tie management and entrepreneurship together
  • All rounded leadership skills for most scenarios
  • Easy think-out-of-box techniques which are practical
  • Predict, manage and control behaviors
  • Think systematically when managing issues


  • Understand the concept, process & functions of management and leadership
  • Help team think out of the box
  • Equip with the knowledge and practice of the fundamental concepts of stakeholders management
  • Improve employee satisfaction and thus retention
  • Help company achieve a breakthrough and maintain the entrepreneur spirit
  • Solve organizational problems effectively
  • Manage a team to face change effectively
  • Avoid being a corporate fool by looking at repeat problems intelligently


The Essentials of Management & Leadership course is targeted at;

  • Supervisors, leaders, and line managers
  • Team Leaders, site, operations and production Supervisors
  • Young employees identified as ‘high potential’ future Managers
  • Supervisors who are interested in building their management skills
  • Anyone who needs to work with other team members


Our highly practical experiential learning method is results-oriented; based on an adult learning concept; incorporates short inspiring lectures with structured lessons from the learning manual; captivating PowerPoint slides with videos to enhance learning; ongoing discussions with action planning; ample time for Q&A; training activities to reinforce key concepts within a fun learning environment.

Pre & Post course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training and measure the skill and ability of participants.


Module 1 -What is Management and its Relationship with People

  • Description:

    On day one the course will cover leadership styles and their impact on people’s feelings, and real corporate cases on these, including case study and role plays

  • KeyTopics:

    • People Management
      • Leadership/management styles – 3 different decision-making styles
      • Impact of the above to dealing with people and issues: case exercise & discussion
      • How to Build passion and commitment toward a common goal
      • Decision making and results!  

Module 2 - How to Tie the Entrepreneurial Spirit to Management and Leadership

  • Description:

    On day two the course will cover practical tools to identify opportunities and reduce risk exposure in a globalised arena

  • KeyTopics:

    • Business acumen and Entrepreneurial spirit
      • Definition of an entrepreneur
      • Famous corporate cases: successes and flops
      • Identification of opportunities
      • Global thinking: linking Risk management with PESTEL factors (Political-Economical-Social-Technological-Environmental-Legal). Each with explanation and case sharing

Module 3 - What are System and Creative Thinking?

  • Description:

    On day three the course will cover how to manage complexity and chaos via system thinking, and practical tools to be creative

  • KeyTopics:

    • System Thinking
      • Definition: what is it?
      • How to use system thinking to handle problems and challenges
      • Look at the complexity of key issues, problems and opportunities to affect actions (e.g., leverage opportunities and resolve issues).
    • Think out of the box
      • Case discussion: Interview logic and analytical thinking
      • Differences between critical, analytical & creative thinking
      • Example of “out of the box” case
      • Creative Techniques (to share a few techniques with a case for each technique)

Module 4 - How to Influence People and Manage Change

  • Description:

    On day four the course will cover specific skills in power and influence, and role plays, in addition to techniques on managing change.

  • KeyTopics:

    • Influencing Skills
      • A look at Organizational politics: power and influence (definition and examples)
      • Major influencing techniques (5 techniques) and how to apply
      • Pros and cons of each
    • Managing Change
      • Why people resist change and what do with it?
      • How to develop a long-range course of action or set of goals to align with the organization’s vision

Module 5 - Managing Team, Stakeholders and Behavioral Modification

  • Description:

    On day five the course will cover tools and techniques related to team selection and understanding, and managing stakeholders and behaviors.

  • KeyTopics:

    • Building Relationship and Stakeholder management
      • Team working
      • Stakeholder Analysis and management to deal with issues
    • Ability To Motivate
      • What is a motivation? What makes people move or tick?
      • A look at Motivation “on the street”: spare the theories like Maslow, Herzberg, McGregor, Skinner, etc…

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