Resilience Is The Secret Weapon to Overcome Challenges

Employee Wellbeing & Resilience

Wellbeing & Mental Health Based On The 10 Principles Of Resilience

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This course is based on the principles developed of effective wellbeing and the competence of resilience by leading exponents in this field. Delegates will learn what personal wellbeing and resilience is and how to develop “proactive muscles” and act with initiative.

Resilience is the secret weapon that can help us overcome challenges, manage change and bounce back when we get knocked down. Life will inevitably throw curveballs at us but it’s how we react to them that matters most. This course explains how to build wellbeing and resilience so we can navigate the complex and uncertain world we live in today. Participants will learn how to build up vital skills and develop the critical factors which make employees more resilient and help them handle adversity better.

In a workplace scenario we come up against countless challenges, many of which can leave us feeling stressed, overwhelmed or exhausted. Workloads and practices have changed and more is expected of us than ever before. Juggling that with family life can add to what seems an impossible challenge. But there is a way to strengthen our resolve and even enjoy the trials that life throws at us.


By attending this highly interactive program, delegates will learn:

  • A baseline of good physical wellbeing and mental health based on the 10 principles of resilience
  • Create a breathing space and being adaptable: becoming comfortable with uncertainty
  • Work with thinking and developing a wellbeing “growth” mindset
  • Reflect on physical wellbeing to help employees thrive through adversity
  • Create inspiring wellbeing goals
  • Strengthening your social support network to help with resilience
  • Motivation and finding your ‘why’
  • Relationship building and giving back
  • Changing attitudes to failure and building back-up systems for when things don’t go as planned


This course is ideal for executives interested in creating a culture that embraces creativity and its role in strengthening decision making.


This course is designed to ensure complete individual involvement and participation. It will stimulate your thinking and challenge you. The key focus is on practical skills and real outcomes. The content will involve an innovative and engaging blend of activities so that participants can directly apply it to their current performance and their future success.

Pre & Post-course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training and measure the skill and ability of participants.


Module 1 - Introduction to Well-being and Resilience

  • Description:

    We introduce participants to the topic and explain how to work with changes and overcome setbacks at work.

  • KeyTopics:

    • Introductions and personal objectives
    • Understand what resilience is
    • Think about how to build on your current strategies
    • Practice a simple mindfulness exercise to create a breathing space in your day
    • Understand different ways of influencing yourself and appreciate your perspectives and set personal goals
    • The three phases of resilience:
      • Coping – taking actions during the unexpected event
      • Adaption – after the unexpected event; reactive action
      • Anticipation – before the unexpected event; proactive action

Module 2 - Helping Employees Prepare for the Unexpected

  • Description:

    We look at how single catastrophes, by their nature, are rarely predictable.

  • KeyTopics:

    • Managing the risk landscape by sharing the experience: leaders should share, both peer-to-peer and throughout the organization, their experience during the past crises and what they learned.
    • This process of reflection reinforces key lessons and also helps employees learn from past mistakes.
    • Mobilize a crisis team to help employees to focus on a specific set of challenges, each with their own associated risks.
    • All stakeholder management: help employees focus on the supply side of their operations when scanning for potential risk factors. Increasingly, however, they also need to pay attention to the customer side as demand volatility can be an important factor that can affect a company’s operations and ultimately its revenue. While you’ll call your suppliers first in a crisis, it’ll be your customers you’ll call most.

Module 3 - Employee Purpose Equals Strategic Resilience

  • Description:

    We look at how employees understanding of their purpose within the mindset of the organization is key to being resilient.

  • KeyTopics:

    • Purpose gives employees a clear, strategic view of how their work fits into the overall mission
    • Ensuring organizational decisions naturally align with others in the organization.
    • This clarity of purpose allows for continuous quality improvement in the good times and speedy agility in the times when resilience is required
    • Nobody notices resilience until it’s needed and then it becomes what everyone gravitates towards
    • When a crisis hits, leaders should visibly model the behaviors they want to see in their employees
    • Calm and brave actions delivered with clarity will build the resilience in others, allowing them to get on with their work despite any surrounding tumult

Module 4 - Cultivate a Well-being or Growth Mindset Culture

  • Description:

    We look at how creating a love of learning and a questioning culture is key to building resilience.

  • KeyTopics:

    • Develop and nurture employee wellbeing mindset to build resilience at all organizational levels
    • Implement mindfulness techniques, taking detachment breaks and developing mental agility to create the psychological capacity to adapt employee behaviors and mindset as situations change
    • Create forums where employees can ask open questions and contribute ideas.
    • Accept the reality with humility – it is important for leaders and employees to accept realities when faced with them and not succumb to denial. By acting with humility, they will allow for the necessary mistakes they and others will make before landing on the right solutions
    • Tailor their responses and take decisive action

Module 5 - Action Planning

  • Description:

    We investigate how well-being and resilience does not reside in a spreadsheet, or in the walls of your headquarters, it lives in employees.

  • KeyTopics:

    • Promoting continuous innovation as a critical aid for adapting to disruptive forces and ensuring organizational longevity
    • Learning points and actions to take back to work
    • Review Objectives & feedback forms

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