E-Procurement Strategies

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Electronic contracting and the automation of business transactions, such as acquiring goods or services between trade partners, are referred to as “e-Procurement”. e-Procurement can be used within the private sector or between private and public sector transactions. Cost saving and efficiency advantages encourage changing their traditional process to e-Procurement. The electronic handling of tasks simplifies the process, increases transaction speed, and enables virtual relationships with suppliers. It will allow resources to focus more on value-added tasks.

This e-Procurement Strategies training course will help you to develop and manage an efficient e-Procurement process system. You will learn how to establish an e-procurement system that can take care of the purchase-to-pay process for your organization through the Internet. You will understand the different stages of the e-Procurement implementation process in detail. It will cover developing strategic purchasing plans and managing key performance indicators (KPIs).


By attending e-Procurement Strategies for Success training, delegates will be able to:

  • Learn the differences between an e-procurement system
  • Understand the requirements needed to develop an e-procurement system
  • Appreciate the principles of negotiation
  • Understand how to implement an e-procurement system
  • Learn how to manage an e-procurement system
  • See how to improve supplier selection and performance
  • Learn how to develop strategic purchasing plans
  • Achieve Organizational Improvement through e-Procurement


The e-Procurement Strategies training course is designed for a wide range of professionals including:

  • Professionals in Purchasing
  • Procurement and Supply Management Professionals
  • Operations and Finance Professionals
  • Business Leaders Responsible for Company’s Succession Plan
  • All those interested in the development and implementation of an e-procurement system


The e-Procurement Strategies training course will be practical and results-oriented, based on adult learning concepts. There will be group discussions as well as individual exercises and everyone will get an opportunity to discuss their issues. It incorporates short inspiring lectures with structured lessons from the learning manual; captivating PowerPoint slides with videos to enhance learning. Each day will end with time to produce an action plan for delegates’ continuing development.

Pre & Post course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training.


Module 1 - Traditional Procurement Procedures

  • KeyTopics:

    • Procurement in the organization
    • Strategic sourcing
    • Supplier evaluation and performance
    • Apply performance to procurement decisions
    • What is e-procurement
    • Pre-requisites for developing an e-procurement system

Module 2 - e-Procurement Development

  • KeyTopics:

    • Steps in developing an e-procurement system
    • The capabilities of e-procurement
    • Developing an e-procurement internal customer ordering and approvals system
    • Developing an e-quotation preparations system
    • Developing an e-quotation evaluation system
    • Developing an e-purchase order system

Module 3 - e-Procurement Models and Negotiation

  • KeyTopics:

    • E-Procurement business models
    • Avoiding confrontational negotiating
    • New techniques for influencing
    • Understanding the other negotiator’s power
    • Negotiating pressure points and countermeasures
    • Negotiation exercises

Module 4 - e-Procurement Management

  • KeyTopics:

    • E-procurement workflows
    • E-procurement processes
    • Managing an e-procurement system
    • E-procurement hardware and software
    • E-procurement user administration
    • E-procurement

Module 5 - Organizational Improvement through e-Procurement

  • KeyTopics:

    • Integrating e-procurement systems into the business process
    • Integration issues
    • E-procurement and contract law
    • Contracts and electronic signatures
    • Contract formation and e-trading
    • Making changes in the organization

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