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Customer Experience (CX) has become the number one strategic differentiator for most CEO’s. Customer experience obsession is now a top three consideration for any company wishing to accelerate their performance growth and even lead their market. Next practice thinking is proven and available now yet very few companies have taken advantage of what it can deliver.

This advanced Customer Experience Professional Workshop contains the critical building blocks in how to build a customer-centric organisation. It moves from traditional best practice (enough to get started) to best practice (creating competitive superiority and significant financial impact). We will show you next generation techniques which will identify revenue, cost and service impact simultaneously and create the basis for genuine customer innovation, significantly in advance of traditional approaches. This premier workshop will give you new skills which will dramatically help your organisation and give you capabilities to help create exciting, empowered and engaged customer-centric companies.


The important features of the Customer Experience Professional Workshop are:

  • Participants are equipped with methodologies, advanced skills and competencies to better understand customer needs and drive improvements in both the customer outcomes and associated experiences.
  • New outcome driven methods which creates the basis for genuine innovation.
  • The opportunity to apply leading-edge thinking and methods to both new industries as well as their own organisations.
  • Thinking about Customer Centricity in a completely different way from the “norm”.
  • A focus on next practice techniques that move participants quickly ahead of the competition.


Participants on the Customer Experience Professional Workshop will be able to:

  • Understand how the new wave of customer innovation can help transform companies.
  • Learn new thinking and methods from a variety of industries from all over the world.
  • Use Outcome-Based Thinking techniques – the new wave of customer-driven innovation that creates new and differentiated propositions.
  • Create strategies to understand your current and future customers better than your competition
  • Use next-generation mapping techniques to define new customer journeys and identify causal work and points of failure beyond traditional approaches.
  • Understand the customer strategies as used by leading innovators to link customer experience management and customer loyalty
  • Understand which techniques to use and which to avoid
  • Bring the techniques together to prepare for real-world application


The Customer Experience Professional training course is designed for all those who need to drive improvements in customer experience and advocacy and to stimulate growth in their organisations. Participants do not need to be customer experience experts or even in a customer-facing front-line job but would be in a role where a consideration of the customer is important – e.g. customer service, operations, product management, marketing, strategy, senior management, project & programme management, risk & compliance.


This practical and results-oriented Customer Experience Professional Workshop is based on the latest adult learning concepts which can be readily applied back into the organisation. Our proprietary learning platform combines highly participative and inspirational learning with an online training school to re-enforce and extend learning, a practice lab, self-paced assessments that creates gap based learner journey plus a knowledge bank containing all the tools, techniques, case studies, videos – to allow the participant become the most skilled and capable they can be.


Module 1- Strategies and Techniques for Customer Innovation

  • Description:

    On Day One the course covers the new agenda for Customer Experience Professionals and introduces a number of powerful techniques

  • KeyTopics:

    • Understanding the trends and new strategies that drive immediate performance impact.
    • The links between customer experience and brand success or decline?
    • What are the leading 1% of companies doing that the remaining 99% miss or are not even aware of?
    • Outcome-based thinking: the most significant pillar in customer centricity thinking missed by most organisations.
    • Identify the strategies used by the best customer-centric companies in the world. Which trends can we learn from and which should be avoided?
    • Learn the principles behind the Advanced Customer Outcome Framework to create significant opportunities through customer innovation.
    • Understand why traditional customer insight methods such as Voice of the Customer are now massively suboptimal.
    • The advanced Customer Wants/Needs Framework – moving to outcome-driven insight. Learn how to define these in order to drive customer strategy and differentiate you from your competitors.
    • New techniques that help the practitioner to identify innovation opportunity, that are quick to implement and easy enough to be usable by anybody in the organisation

Module 2 - Implementing The Strategies

  • Description:

    On Day Two the course will focus on practical techniques to implement the strategies and drive customer loyalty.

  • KeyTopics:

    • Understand why well-defined Customer Strategies aligned within the Business Strategy are critical to organisation success
    • Learn where these strategies have been applied and the resulting impact on the organisation’s business performance.
    • Understand the different types of customer loyalty and the importance of each of these to the organization.
    • Learn the role emotional attachment plays in loyalty and learn how to build emotional attachment.
    • How to build loyalty with brands where no emotional attachment is present.
    • Strategies to adapt this to your own organisation.
    • Real World Case Studies.
    • Workshop Activities and Exercises.

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