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In 2016, survey results indicated that 87% of millennials believe that professional development is extremely important along with career growth opportunities. Additionally, 76% of employees indicated that they want more opportunities for personal growth. Now more than ever, coaching and mentoring in the workplace for both successes in life and work is crucial to bringing forth productivity, engagement, innovation, and balance.

In this training course, participants will learn the fundamentals of the Co-Active Coaching and Mentoring along with GROW and SAID, models. They will learn the difference between coaching, mentoring, advising, training and facilitating and will be able to coach and mentor using questioning and laser-listening. This course explains the practical techniques, benefits, and value of a successful business and life coaching.

After completing this course, participants will have learned how to establish the coaching and mentoring experience, champion, motivate and hold accountable their ‘coachee,’ as well as how to prepare themselves to be a successful coach.  


By the end of this training course, participants will understand what exactly coaching is and why it’s important and:

  • Learn strong, professional coaching skills including:
    • The system of Designing an Alliance
    • The Power of the ABC’s of Coaching
    • How to champion, guide, navigate, motivate, hold accountable the   “coach” and what the difference is between championing, guiding, etc.
  • The 3 levels of Co-Active Listening
    • What Coaching is and Isn’t
    • How to recognize a Coaching Agenda and Set Up Coaching Sessions
    • The Power of Geography and Where to Coach
    • Setting up the Coachee and Coach for Success Every Time


The course is designed for managers where implementing coaching and mentoring competencies are required to cultivate performance and talent at each hierarchical level.


This practical and results-oriented program is based on adult learning concept. It incorporates short inspiring lectures with structured lessons from the learning manual; captivating PowerPoint slides with videos to enhance learning; ongoing discussions with action planning; ample time for Q&A; training activities to reinforce key concepts within a fun learning environment; role-plays, scenarios, group discussions, partner work, self-surveys and group and/or partner presentations.

Pre & Post course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training.


Module 1 -“Amazing Alliances”

  • KeyTopics:

    • The art of building a successful coaching alliance
    • The ABC’s of successful coaching and “always be curious/always be connecting”
    • Identifying the coaching agenda and how to stick to it every time
    • The 4 Pillars of co-active coaching
    • The GROW model and the difference between Co-Active and GROW

Module 2 - How Coaching and Mentoring Actually Works

  • KeyTopics:

    • The coach as partner: working with others to achieve the success they desire, personally or professionally
    • The process of coaching 1:1
    • How to prepare for each session. What must both parties do?
    • What happens during each coaching session?
    • The role of the coach – pointing out perspectives the coachee hasn’t considered and your role of ‘auditor’
    • How to offer advice and help the coachee to plan their next steps: help them to make better decisions, set the right goals and balance their commitments.

Module 3 - Coaching in Practice

  • KeyTopics:

    • Determining what the coach expects and what the coachee should expect from the coach
    • Coaching coaches and implementing coaching as an organisationally policy
    • How to hold employees responsible and accountable and get their commitment to coaching
    • Developing coaching communication skills
    • Building empathy and responding effectively to coachee issues

Module 4 - Mentoring in Practice

  • KeyTopics:

    • What is mentorship? Who should be mentored? How does it differ from coaching?
    • Determining what the mentor expects and what the mentee should expect from the mentor
    • How to hold employees responsible and accountable, and get their commitment to mentoring
    • Developing mentoring communication skills
    • Responding effectively to mentee issues

Module 5 - Implementing Coaching and Mentoring Policies and Processes

  • KeyTopics:

    • Coaching coaches and implementing coaching as an organisationally policy
    • Format of policies, processes, and organizational communication in the launch of coaching and mentoring in the organization
    • Final tips for implementing coaching and mentoring across
    • Defining the manager and coachee ‘confidential’ relationship
    • Initiating and terminating the coaching/mentoring agreement

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