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Centrifugal Compressor: Operation, Control & Maintenance

Design, Performance, Operation Limits, Control System & Troubleshooting Techniques

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Centrifugal Compressors play an essential role in many petrochemical and industrial plants. Centrifugal compressors commonly run at very high speeds and are exposed to high temperatures. The compressor operation is confined between the Surge and Stonewall limits. The compressor performance also is affected by the variation in operating conditions. Elevated temperature and large centrifugal stresses make the gas turbine operate under critical conditions and require complicated monitoring and protection systems.

Accurate instrumentation, monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance programs are essential for maintaining and increasing the available time of the machines. Understanding and learning Centrifugal compressors more deeply help smooth and free trouble operation. This Centrifugal Compressor training course on Centrifugal Compressor will address the design, performance, operation limits, control system and troubleshooting techniques of centrifugal compressors and the parameters affecting the above.


Attendance in the Centrifugal Compressor training course will enable participants to:

  • Familiarise different compressor designs
  • Learn how different design parameter affects the performance and operation of the machine
  • Familiarise the different types of gas compressors and their application
  • Deepen the understanding of the limits of the compressor operation
  • Read and calculate the performance curves of the compressor
  • Familiarise with the control and protection systems of centrifugal compressor systems
  • Familiarise the start and shut down of the compressor properly
  • Recognize the essential of Compressors
  • Learn the latest techniques to compressor condition monitoring
  • Acquire proactive techniques like alignment, balancing, vibration and oil analysis
  • Pick up methods of troubleshooting and maintaining
  • Highlight the importance of the maintenance planning


This Centrifugal Compressor training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Operation and Maintenance Operators
  • Supervisors & Technicians
  • Facility Engineers
  • Utility Engineers
  • Anyone requiring a working-level knowledge of rotating equipment & compressors
  • Technical Professionals dealing with condition monitoring, reliability and integrity analysis


The centrifugal Compressor training course will utilize a variety of proven learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes lecture with active delegate participation, discussions, real-life problems and case studies. Through active participation in group work and class discussions, the delegates will get a lot of opportunities to increase their experience and knowledge of techniques available for equipment troubleshooting.

Pre & Post course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training.


Module 1 - Compressor Basics and Introduction

  • KeyTopics:

    • Definition and methods of compressor
    • Positive-Displacement and Rotodynamic Compressors
    • Comparison between Positive Displacement and Rotodynamic Compressors
    • Types of Positive Displacement Compressors
    • Relative Compressions of various Compressors Types
    • Consideration in Compressors Selection

Module 2 - Principles of Design and Components of Centrifugal Compressors

  • KeyTopics:

    • Centrifugal Compressors Technology
    • Centrifugal Compressor Design and Construction
    • The function of Compressor Components
      • Compressor Casing
        • Casing
        • Diaphragms
        • Nozzles
      • Compressor Rotor
        • Shaft
        • Impellers
        • Balancing Piston
        • Thrust Collar

Module 3 - Compressor Arrangements and Control

  • KeyTopics:

    • Compressor Arrangements
    • Auxiliary Systems
    • Centrifugal Compressor Performance & Control
    • The Performance Curves
    • Compressor Map
    • Limits of Flow Rates
    • Surge Line and Stone Line
    • Limits of Operating Speed

Module 4 - Compressor Operational Process

  • KeyTopics:

    • The Compressor Permissive to Start
    • Typical Compressor Valve Arrangement
    • Prestart Valve Positions
    • Purge Cycle
    • The Anti-surge Control Valve Position
    • Normal Start-up
    • Normal Shutdown
    • Emergency Shutdown

Module 5 - Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • KeyTopics:

    • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
    • Principles of Troubleshooting
    • Lubrication Systems
    • Seals System
    • Cleaning and Flushing
    • Alignment and Balancing
    • Condition Monitoring Systems
    • Pressure and Temperature Measurements
    • Effective Diagnoses Systems
    • Vibration Analysis
    • Auxiliary System Monitoring

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