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Online - Virtual , 20210629 29 - Jun - 2021 2 Hrs X 8 Sessions $500 Register
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The accounts payable function plays a crucial role since it manages nearly all of a company’s payments. The efficiency of the accounts payable systems influences the organisation’s financial stability and reputation. Hence, it is vital to streamline invoice processing, detect vendor fraud, maintain compliance with industry standards.

This accounts payable training course will help you to learn the practical approaches and techniques to manage accounts payable. You will also understand how to handle invoices, process checks, prevent errors, conduct annual audits, and use technology in the accounts payable department. This program will help your organisation achieve effective control of cash flow.


By attending Accounts Payable Management training seminar, delegates will understand:

  • The importance of the accounts payable function and its role in organisations
  • The accounting principles related to accounts payable.
  • How to be a successful resource in accounts payable management?
  • The importance of reviewing international “best practices” of AP for continues improvement
  • Efficient risk management of AP
  • Enhance the positive factors affecting AP staff
  • The best tools and techniques to effectively manage and monitor AP performance
  • Understand some of the other “hot spots” in Financial Crime


Accounts Payable Management training course is designed for Managers of accounts payable, AP staff, and professionals as well as clerks and specialists who wish to advance their careers. The course is also beneficial to professionals in accounting, finance, purchasing, and procurement who work closely with Accounts Payable.


This highly practical and results-oriented program designed based on the adult learning concept. The facilitator will give plenty of input and then help participants to make sense of the themes through discussion and practice. It incorporates short inspiring demonstrations, case studies, presentations, and much practice to enhance learning. There will be ample time for Q&A, discussions with ‘return to work’ action planning. The course will reinforce key concepts within an inspiring and engaging learning environment.

Pre & Post course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training and measure the skill and ability of participants.


Module 1 - The Basic Concept of Accounts Payable

  • KeyTopics:

    • Definition of accounts payable (AP)
    • The role of accounts payable department
    • Accounts payable management
    • The functions of management
    • The impacts of accounts payable on company health

Module 2 -Accounts Payable Accounting

  • KeyTopics:

    • Terminology of AP
    • Principle of recording AP
    • General Ledger and Sub-Ledger
    • Cash & Accrual Accounting
    • Control Account Reconciliations

Module 3 -Accounts Payable Management Practices The Best Practices in AP

  • KeyTopics:

    • The effective policy in internal Controls
    • Accounts Payable auditing
    • AP outsourcing and its impact
    • Fraud in Accounts Payable

Module 4 - Accounts Payable Risk Management

  • KeyTopics:

    • Identifying the risk of AP
    • How to mitigate the AP risk
    • How to motivate the AP Staff
    • Organizing the AP Department
    • Closing the communication gap

Module 5 - Best Practices To Improve AP Department

  • KeyTopics:

    • Continuous process improvement
    • Developing performance metrics
    • Applying best practices in your organization
    • Using Microsoft Excel in managing accounts payable
    • Reviewing and ongoing AP accounts

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