5 Major Roles for HR Professionals

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Human resources are the pillars of a company’s growth. Multiple departments across a company such as marketing, customer support, accounts, make it possible for you to run the company successfully.

In the same breath, the contribution of HR managers is also vital. From managing different departments across an organization to improving their productivity, and ensuring employee retention, the roles and responsibilities of HR managers are huge. However, given the changing dynamics of HR management, strategic management of businesses, the roles and responsibilities of HR managers are expanding.

Top 5 roles and responsibilities of HR managers in an organization.

 1. Human Resource Planning

HR managers are responsible for planning and achieving organizational goals. From identifying business goals to preparing plans, HR managers are also responsible for their successful execution. As they are engaged in almost all company activities, they gain a thorough understanding of all of them and provide support to the growth of the company. The role of HR managers includes evaluating performance of team leaders as well as all employees across a company. They also set goals for them and create strategies to achieve them.

2. Hiring Candidates

Onboarding new candidates is a very complex process. Today’s HR managers not only hire new candidates, they also develop strategic solutions to attract the right candidates to meet the requirements of the bottom line. In addition, the company’s employer brand reputation is largely managed by HR managers.  They hold out employer’s culture and promote work-life balance in their organization on a positive note to the employees.

HR managers screen candidates on job portals and social media platforms like LinkedIn, etc., interview them, and have to undertake an organized approach to hire the right and suitable candidates for the organization.

3. Training & Development

Onboarding a new candidate is just half the job. That candidate has to get knowledge of their company’s internal rules and disciplines. They need to get training for their skills development from time to time so they can deliver the optimum performance for their company. HR managers decide who of the employees should undergo training to upskill and when they should upgrade their skills.

4. Design Workplace Policies

Workplace policies are essential to run an organization and HR managers design them. Those help cut down legal issues, conflicts, and improve employee productivity and protect the interests of both employees and employers alike.

5. Monitor Performance

HR roles include assessing employee performance records to identify rooms for improvements. They arrange training for them to upskill accordingly. By allowing employees to learn something advanced, they actually help them to grow professionally. This creates a positive impression about the company to the employees.

To Conclude:

Creating and managing a strong team in their organization comes under the purview of HR managers’ responsibilities. Those could be job analysis, human resource planning, hiring talents, to calculating work days and employee benefits. Simply put, HR managers are veritable engines of a company that help maintain the image of a company, retain employees, boost business growth and so forth.

In view of such importance, organizations should ensure that their HR team undergoes professional training so often to equip them with the skills they require for delivering their duties effectively.

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