5 Major Human Resource Management Challenges

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The business landscape worldwide is evolving with remarkable rapidity. It’s also adding so many challenges to human resource management. However, it has always been challenging and complex, and having to manage people has always been tricky.

Now, the digital age has added even more complexity and challenges to human resource management, such as the management of the remote team, the persistence of software updates, the transparency of social media, and so forth.

But, what are the top human resource management challenges in the workplace?

Well, the list of those challenges could be long enough, which we have managed to narrow down to the 5 most common challenges faced by HR professionals, along with practical solutions.

1 Compliance with Laws and Regulation

Staying compliant with the changing employment laws is a struggle for employers. There are many who choose to ignore them, believing they don’t need them to apply to their business. But, doing so could mean audits, lawsuits, and even likely the shutdown of a company.


Employers need to ensure they are staying compliant with employment laws no matter how small or large their business is. There are laws for everything, from hiring practices, to wage payment, and to workplace safety. Employers have to make sure they are complying with them.

2 Embracing Changes

Whether it is managerial, structural, procedural, or technological, employees need to adapt to those changes. One of the most recurring challenges that HR management professionals tend to face is managing employee morale, happiness, and cooperation through change, but also with constantly upskilling employees to meet the changing needs of the business.


HR management professionals need to communicate frequently and transparently before, during, and after times of change, and equip staff with the competencies they will need to deal with change. For this, training on hard and soft skills will be necessary to help them cope with the change. In doing that, it will give them a feeling of more security, capability and they will be more likely to embrace change.

3 Leadership Development

A third of companies are reportedly doing an average job at best when it comes to implementing leadership development programs. Leaders are crucial to encourage staff to embrace change and engage staff to the benefit of the company. But, the fact is 36% of companies worldwide have admittedly below the average leadership development practices.


Leadership development is key to keeping your management team engaged and take on more responsibilities in the future. Companies have to make it part of the culture and to leverage their strengths every day. Give them the opportunity to develop their skills.

4 Managing Diversity

Globalization is breaking barriers. Businesses are expanding beyond the traditional head offices and the talent can be from anywhere in the world. It means more sales and diversity of employee experiences, ideas, and perspectives. However, this diversity comes with a few human resource management challenges, such as managing diverse cultures in a local team, adhering to local policies and procedures. HR must also create a workplace that is comfortable, welcoming, and free of conflict – for everyone.


vCultural awareness programs may help employees recognize the benefits of diversity. You can also focus on team building activities to integrate employees of different cultures and unite them towards a common business objective.

5 Looking After Health and Diversity

Health and safety standards are perhaps one of the known human resource challenges. Not only does employment law regulate these concerns, but they are also key to the general employee wellbeing. Health in the workplace isn’t just about hygiene and safety. Psychological wellbeing is also of great importance, but many a time, periods of stress and times of pressure cause havoc to employee health and mind.


Training managers in Emotional Intelligence can help employees understand the benefits of a healthy mental state. Many progressive companies allow mental sick leave when their employees are feeling burnt out.

To Conclude:

The ultimate challenge for human resource management professionals is understanding the business landscape of the future. With the rapid technological and industrial advancement, new generations joining the workforce, and globalization amping up the competition, it will be human resource issues that can make or break a company.

To save yours, you need to address those human resource challenges by empowering your greatest assets/people towards sustainable success and allowing them to improve their skills to stay relevant and competitive with the changes.

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