5 Fun Virtual Team Building Ideas to Give Your Remote Employees’ Morale a Tremendous High

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Remote work may have multiple advantages in terms of flexibility and cost-efficiency. However, one of its biggest disadvantages is non-engagement between employees.

As offices are working from home and team meetings happen virtually, employees geek out over virtual team building. They are always looking for ways to bring their team closer together with an aim to build strong, positive relationships with their colleagues. However, we’ve learned that virtual team building is much different from in-person team building.

Keeping that in mind, we have come up with a list of fun ideas for virtual team building. The objective is to help you boost productivity and employee engagement and improve motivation and group dynamics.

Quickview of Benefits:

  • Foster team bonding
  • Employee engagement and commitment
  • Better professional communication
  • Enthusiasm for decision making
  • Stress-busting and resilience building

Here are 5 fun remote team building ideas that will go far in helping your team bond, regardless of where they may be. Those could be like playing online games to hosting online classes, icebreaker activities that you can do over any popular meeting apps like Google Meet, Teams, WebEx, Zoom, etc.

Idea #1: Online Challenges

Participation in online challenges is very common to bloggers, YouTube geeks. You may already be familiar with many online challenges or might have played as well, which suddenly turned into a viral trend until another fun online game seizes everybody’s attention.

Make sure to select those online games after you have tested them out and found to be useful for you and your team to pass some memorable moments together and cheer up.

Idea #2: Build a Book Club

Growing together needs the urge for learning and sharing with each other. Reading great books that everybody is interested in and engaged in together and then talking about the books together can help you grow as a company.

In a corporate setting, books by thought leadership and finance are popular and considered the first go-to themes. However, you can also go for fun and fiction books. The idea is to boost team bonding and uphold good rapport among one another, and building a virtual book club can foster this idea effectively. Make one of your employees in charge of your company’s virtual book club.

Idea #3: Online Fitness Classes

Post-pandemic time and work-from-home environment keep you confined to your apartment and your sedentary job causes you to become overweight. These imperceptibly tend to make you lazy, depressed, and unenergetic. Contrarily, exercising, especially group exercising, can keep you toned and perked, and that you can start right in your home, online, together with your colleagues.

Download any popular online fitness program apps on your mobile phone and invite your colleagues to participate in a live stream fitness class. Just make sure to schedule online fitness classes suitable for all the team members willing to participate.

Idea #4: Virtual Coffees

Create a virtual video-cafe and encourage your team members to log in to the cafe. Now, you may not be able to have an in-person meetup with your employees and colleagues, grab a cup of coffee, and share stories. You can schedule a time to chat over the web, the ideal time being every Monday before everybody begins their work. The idea is to make it less about business and work and more about building a team.

Idea #5: Monthly Contests

If you want to foster employee-to-employee engagement, build up a fun atmosphere as well. Let your employees compete with each other playfully and try giving away special gifts, rewards, or something that may make everyone more motivated to compete. The idea is to boost productivity, enhance employee loyalty, and so on.

Why Focus on Team Building?

Team building is fundamental to building business, positive company culture, and a loyal group of employees ready to help you for years to come. A team having good bonding accelerates the process of understanding their peers, exploring their strengths and limitations, and helping them to coordinate to undertake the tasks according to their competence, saving precious time and extra efforts.

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