3 Logistics Strategy for Supply Chain Management Training Courses That Can Specialize You

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This new year, with all the disruptions to the supply chain in 2020 and 2021, is a great time to upgrade your knowledge with logistics certifications and supply chain courses. Logistics professionals should brush up on their skills and broaden their knowledge in preparation for future challenges in 2022!

Logistics and supply chain industries have evolved rapidly due to globalization, reduction of supply chain risks, and technological advancements. In response, companies are seeking qualified professionals in devising advanced logistics strategy for supply chain management who can drive the growth of their increasingly sophisticated supply chain and logistics businesses. There is no immediate supply of qualified professionals, however.

In the supply chain and logistics industry, one qualified individual fills six positions according to a recent study. Clearly, companies are willing to pay top salaries for employees who are highly trained and conversant with the latest developments in logistics strategy for supply chain management and are capable of leading them into the future. Sixty-five percent of senior executives believe they are in the midst of a profound transformation.

To enter or remain relevant in the supply chain and logistics industry, you should take the following procurement and supply chain logistics training courses being offered by Promise Training & Consultancy.

Lean Six Sigma

In order to advance efficiency, the lean organization concept leads to its optimization. In 1991, Jim Womack, Daniel Jones and Daniel Roos wrote the book “The Machine That Changed the World,” which turned every organization into a Toyota. Lean means eliminating waste through a systematic approach. Lean emphasizes removing “fat” from production. Engineering and administrative processes have benefited from Lean methods. Among the benefits of lean methods is the better utilization of resources that are in alignment with the organization’s vision and objectives, thus improving cost management and enhancing competitiveness.

Important Features:

The important features of Lean Six Sigma training course at Promise Training & Consultancy are:

  • Not only manufacturing, but every organization can become efficient like Toyota
  • A new understanding of wastes and quality
  • Lean techniques and tools that can help you be as efficient as possible
  • Being “lean” will forever change your mindset
  • Improving products and services quality

We offer a Lean Six Sigma training course at Promise Training & Consultancy for all levels of personnel and those wishing to improve their understanding of and skills regarding the application of lean management.

Oil & Gas Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Oil and Gas companies face constant challenges in terms of supply and demand in dynamic and complex environments. A pandemic such as COVID-19 can make it difficult for the supply chain to provide products and services reliably. In order to reduce the impact of such events, Oil and Gas organizations need to develop robust procurement and supply chain strategies. In addition, it helps streamline processes, increase efficiency, enhance sustainability, and create business value. By designing procurement and supply chain strategies intelligently, operating costs can be reduced while quality and productivity are increased.

In this program, participants are introduced to strategic procurement & supply management concepts necessary in order to implement efficient processes and methods. It will help participants define their procurement and supply strategy and establish their mission, vision, and knowledge. Students also learn how to control costs, optimize time, and move goods and materials efficiently.

Important Features:

Our Oil & Gas Procurement & Supply Chain Management training course aims to accomplish the following objectives:

  • The core competencies of E&P procurement professionals have been enhanced
  • Supporting business drivers and interface issues is procurement’s responsibility
  • Cost management good practices are dictated by the economics of the industry
  • How procurement can enhance global compliance in the industry
  • An overview of the industry’s upstream, midstream, and downstream value chains
  • An examination of the characteristics of oil and gas supply markets, with an emphasis on market intelligence practices and supply risk management
  • Performance metrics for procurement/supply chains
  • Identify and mitigate the risks associated with procurement contracts

A wide range of professionals can benefit from this training at Promise Training & Consultancy. They could be purchasing and contract management professionals, project, engineering, operational, and maintenance personnel who are involved in the planning, and execution of purchases and contracts, senior supply chain managers and executives who are looking at thought leadership of their own supply chain.

Vehicle Fleet Management & Administration Skills

An organization’s supply chain costs can be impacted by transportation exercises.  Therefore, an efficient transportation unit is essential for the organization, regardless of whether it wishes to transport staff or deliver materials. Fleet management is essential to the success of the transportation department. Hence, you need to be equipped with the right tools, techniques, and expertise in order to maximize fleet efficiency.

We will examine transportation management comprehensively during this Vehicle Fleet Management Training Program. In this course, you will learn fleet management’s main objectives and how to apply the department’s policies and guidelines. Topics include managing operating costs, transportation planning, and distribution planning. Daily management will also be discussed. With this program, you will learn how to measure fleet performance and enhance fleet efficiency.

Important Features

By attending this Vehicle Fleet Management & Administration training course at Promise Training & Consultancy, you will be able to drive allocation and scheduling, load planning and optimisation, implement a fleet preventive maintenance program, determine requirements for efficient workshops, create fleet safety and driver selection programs, and optimize distribution vehicle routes among others.

The Vehicle Fleet Management & Administration Skills training course at Promise Training & Consultancy can be suitable for fleet planners, administrators and supervisors, operations supervisors, logistics/supply chain professionals among others.

What will be your new specialization? Supply chain professionals have many opportunities to learn this year in 2022. Be sure not to miss out on the latest logistics strategies for supply chain management!

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