10 Tips to Motivate Employees & Maximise Productivity

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Only 12% of employees leave their job because of compensation. Research suggests that approximately 80% of employees leave their job because of the lack of appreciation. And 53% of employees in the U.S. only are reportedly unhappy at work.

The root cause is the missing of a motivating work environment.

Team leaders have a great responsibility to keep the morale of their team people high and boosted so they can deliver their optimum outputs. If you can encourage them well, they can not only be more productive and efficient but also be happier with their job.

One of the hardest challenges that team leaders face is to balance this leadership mindset and get their own work done.

Here are 10 tips for motivating your employees and boosting team productivity.

1 Good Work Environment

A work environment free from elements for distractions is good. A working area with quality and clean air, favorable temperature, adequate lighting, nutritious food and beverages, and open space for free movement are some conditions that will ease the body and the mind of your employees. In such a work environment, they will enjoy working and will concentrate on their work fully with limited distractions, leading them to be more productive.

2 Delegation of Tasks

Allot specific responsibilities to qualified employees based on their skills. People perform best at what they are already good at. So, assigning specific tasks to someone familiar with them will enable that person to perform those tasks faster and even come up with more ideas and methods to finish the tasks efficiently. It means you should delegate tasks to your employees based on their competency. It is necessary to maximize efficiency.

3 Create a Culture of Transparency & Feedback

Many managers are afraid to do it. But building an honest and transparent culture where everyone can feel free enough to be their best at work. Often, the leadership role means showing control and assuming always being correct. It typically starts at the highest level, but the good thing is those even in the top ranks should learn to admit when they are wrong. Doing so will help establish a layer of transparency with your employees and promote a culture of learning. In the long view, you will also learn to develop your ideas and tendencies, shedding your ego.

4 Improve Employee Skills with Training

Upgrading skills is a continuous process. Employees in any job should keep their skills up with the current needs to stay competitive. They shouldn’t assume that it ends as a company hires them for a job. When employees are given the tools to do their jobs well and train to advance in their careers, they are bound to feel motivated to accomplish their best work. Team leaders should take the initiative to identify the skill gap of employees related to the changing environment and arrange necessary training programs.

5 Give People Freedom and Autonomy

Your employees will be less happy and productive if they feel like they have to wear certain things in the office, can’t be themselves, and have to be doing their work in a particular way. Conversely, if you have an honest conversation about the work they want to do, encourage them to take a goal or idea and run with it and let them revolve their work around the lifestyle they want, it will create momentum in the office and also encourage your employees to work harder on what they enjoy most.

6 Promote Teamwork and Collaboration

You can expect much better productivity from those team members who are free to collaborate with their coworkers. As a manager, your priority will be to encourage a feeling of community amongst your teams to foster trust, since teammates who trust one another are more motivated to work together.

7 Resist the Urge to Block Social Media

If you don’t allow your employees to access social media during work hours, it means you are displaying a lack of trust that you likely can’t afford. Mental breaks are an important part of productivity that you also need to keep in mind. So, just instead of trying to stamp out a nonexistent problem, make sure you’ve hired a staff who put their work first.

8 Bring Back the Employee of the Month

Recognition is a valuable commodity for employees of every generation. If you publicly recognize individuals for their successes, you can create an emotional connection between them and their hard work. This can help you foster feelings of satisfaction in a job well done.

9 Consider the Benefits of Working Remotely

Allowing your employees to work from home will not only eliminate commutes, it can also motivate them to perform better. During this pandemic period, work-from-home reduces the stress level significantly and maintains better mental health overall.

10 Treat Your Employees as Individuals

Talk to your team members often how they prefer to be treated with regards to deadlines, updates, etc. and avoid painting everyone with the same brush. Make your every team member feel heard while motivating them individually to reach their highest potential.

To Conclude:

Every company wants their employees to deliver their best and improve their productivity. Using the correct strategies and motivation and providing opportunities to their employees are the keys to attaining the optimum level of productivity. You may look at these simple steps above, which can enable your employees to do their best and accomplish their tasks efficiently with quality standards.

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